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All I Can Eat

What's the best buffet or All-you-can-eat place in LA? Just looking for a new, interesting place where my friends and I can gorge ourselves but where the food isn't horrible. We've done Fogo de Chao and a couple other Brazilian BBQ places. Any ideas?

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  1. If cost is not an object then the Sunday buffet brunch at the Four Seasons on Doheny in Beverly Hills.

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      Hi Servorg,

      Do you know how much that runs? Thanks.

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        I am pretty sure it's $65 pp, plus tax and tip.

    2. It's not LA, but the best buffet in San Diego is at the Valley View Casino. Every night at 4:00 they have a seafood buffet with Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab leg, oysters, shrimp, sushi, prime rib etc...
      Sign up for a Players Club card and they give you the seafood buffet free. No strings attached.
      2 hour drive but it's worthwhile checking out.

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        i have been there a few times and love their buffet. none of it tastes like "buffet food."

        they make a roasted beet salad that blows my socks off.

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          Monku, thanks for the tip on the buffet at the Valley View Casino. I've been dreaming about AYCE Lobster.

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            The Maine lobster is the attraction, but I think they over-cook them.
            What I do is take a plate full of Alaskan king crab legs to the Asian cooking station and the guy will stir fry them with this sweet chili garlic sauce...that's the ticket for me.

        2. For a big, cheap-ish lunch buffet, the Middle Eastern feast at Wahib's on Main St. in Alhambra is actually pretty good. You won't confuse it with the best Lebanese meal of your life, but compared to most of the steam-table dreck out there it's a solid option.

          1. Go to an Indian brunch buffet out in Little India (Artesia). I like The India Restaurant, which serves meat. Lots of people like Woodlands, which is vegetarian. If you can't make it out to Artesia, there are decent Indian buffets on the westside. Shershah in marina del rey has a nice Indian buffet brunch. Best I've had outside of Artesia is Red Fort in Torrance, but that may be too far for you. Also, a couple of times I've gone to Red Fort only to find that they are closed for a private party, so definitely call before you go.

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              Second The India Restaurant buffet. It's my favorite.

              It's too bad that I live in Van Nuys.

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                third the india restaurant, good food there.
                respectfully disagree with the shershah recommendation. the place is near my house, and, because of it's convenience, i so WANT their food to be good. it isn't bad, mind you, but not good either. to my palate, it is very rich and not very flavorful.

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                    I should have been clearer about Shershah...I meant to classify it as "decent." If you must stay on the westside I think it's a reasonable option for Indian buffet...but there are a lot of other places I'd rather go.

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                    I think Red Fort in Torrance went out of business. I found their food way too salty... almost like the place was owned by Morton's Salt Company... and the dishes were like chicken curry salt... salt samosas... etc.

                  3. Happy Family in Monterey Park.

                    1. I suggest you try Café Sierra at the Universal City Hilton. Truly a superb buffet with some outstanding fresh seafood selections in addition to ALL of the traditional brunch fare. Champagne brunch service is offered both Saturday 11-2:30 ($32) and Sunday 10:30-2:30 ($40). Elegant venue, excellent service.

                      Hilton Universal City
                      555 Universal Hollywood Dr
                      Universal City, CA 91608
                      Neighborhood: Universal City
                      (818) 509-2030


                      Cafe Sierra at Hilton Universal City
                      555 Universal Terrace Parkway, Universal City, CA 91608-1001

                      1. There's apparently a new Brazilian pizza place that does all you can eat pizza in Culver City, Bella Vista.

                        1. what about sushi ? theres todi or midori in the valley.like midori the best

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                            I second Midori for great food and value.

                            9952 Lakewood Blvd, Downey, CA 90240

                          2. KBBQ? Check out Moo Dae Po II ... don't be afraid to ring the bell for service.

                            3014 W 7th St
                            Los Angeles, CA 90005
                            (213) 381-9990

                            1. AYCE Korean: My friends and I celebrated a birthday at Tahoe Galbi, and the food was very good. More than enough to gorge, and the quality and flavor of the meats were very good.

                              Jingo in Encino is good. This is Japanese do-it-yourself grilling, far superior to Gyu Kaku in my opinion. Like Korean AYCE, they have different AYCE options depending on what kind of meats and seafood you want. It also comes with salad, vegetables for grilling, and dumplings.

                              I haven't been, but Hokkaido Buffet, which recently opened in Encino, has received some good reviews on this board.

                              Tahoe BBQ
                              3986 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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                                I have now been to Hokkaido Buffet in Encino, and it was abysmal. Most of the food was very overcooked, the sushi options were limited (they ran out of several rolls and many of the options listed on their website were not present) and the fish was not good quality. The king crab legs were tasteless and tiny, the shrimp tasted like it had come right out of the freezer, and eating the fried squid was like chewing on very thick rubber bands. The best items were the crawfish and frogs legs -- and the fruit. You know it's a bad buffet when your dining partner says they think Todai is better quality.

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                                  "You know it's a bad buffet when your dining partner says they think Todai is better quality."

                                  The very definition of damming with faint praise... lol

                              2. i Cugini in Santa Monica has a nice Sunday Jazz brunch for 50 per person with champagne. Lots of fish, as well as meats, omelettes, etc. http://www.icugini.com

                                A little cheaper is Spazio's Sunday Jazz brunch for $32. http://www.spazio.la/res.php?stm=MENU...

                                Spazio Restaurant
                                14755 Ventura Blvd Ste D, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

                                1. Try the Saturday ($25) or Sunday champagne brunch ($30) at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills. Great view of the whole valley.


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                                    This will sound ridiculous, but Shakey's All-U-Can-Eat Lunch buffet. I think the premise of all you can eat buffets is ridiculous. Most people end up trying to get their money's worth eating more than they actually want. I'd like to point out you can literally eat all you want at most restaurants and just pay more for it. So it's really just a price gimmick. I mention Shakey's because if you want to pig out--gorge yourself and the food isn't horrible--pizza, salad bar, mojos potatoes, spaghetti, garlic bread, etc. Plus you can sneak into the game room and play games and win tickets and win some prize to lose some of the calories.

                                    Govinda's on Watseka has a great buffet. You can buy food by the weight or eat as a buffett. Again, I think the idea of an all you can eat buffet is ridiculous. Other than the people trying to get their money's worth in a Sisyphian struggle, most people actually satiating themselves in all you can eat buffets are massively obese fat people.

                                    Govinda's Natural Foods Vegetarian Buffet & Dinner Club
                                    3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

                                    350 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                                      "I mention Shakey's because if you want to pig out--gorge yourself and the food isn't horrible"

                                      Oh yes it is...

                                      350 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                                        And high quality buffets can offer some unique advantages to larger parties with children. No waiting for wait staff and the ability to try a lot of different things over the course of the meal. I recall taking my family to the Santa Monica Loews Beach hotel when they were doing their AYCE buffet and everyone raved about the quality and the variety of salads to select from.

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                                          Heh, Briggs . . . How much is the admission to their buffet Servorg? I don't know, I can accept Briggs opinion--even though I don't find it horrible, I can easily see how someone else might. People have raved about the quality of Soup Plantation to me. I can say its not horrible, but I wouldn't rave about it.

                                          Soup Plantation
                                          375 W Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93010

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                                            1 . Beverly Hills Four Seasons on Doheny (Sunday buffet)
                                            44. Soup Plantation
                                            85. Shakey's
                                            99. Home Town Buffet

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                                              How much do the Santa Monica Loews Beach hotel AYCE buffet and the Beverly Hills Four Seasons on Doheny Sunday Buffet cost Servorg?

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                                                Loews is out of the buffet biz and BHFS on D is (IIRC) $65 pp plus tax and tip (probably right around what Shakey's charges).... ;-D>

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                                                  Heh pretty much, just move the decimal point one to the left . . . and no tip, but not sure that IS a better deal than BHFS on D buffet.

                                  2. Brings back a memory of the old Victoria Station restaurant in Universal City. The had an 'all you can eat' beef rib dinner. It broke my heart because I could only manage to eat 11. Just couldn't eat 1 more to make it an even dozen.