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Jun 1, 2010 06:29 PM

Knife Sharpening

Does anyone have any recommendations for a knife sharpener in the South Florida area? I'd be willing to drive for a good one. THANKS!

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  1. Dixie Saw and Knife at 1332 S. Dixie Hwy in Lake Worth. They will be at their daughter's wedding and so will be closed from 6-3 to 6-6. Re-open on 6-7.

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    1. re: DiFlorida

      but if you happen to catch him on the day of his daughters wedding, he might do you the favor ;)

      haha sorry i couldnt resist the reference.

      sur la table stores also offer a knife sharpening service, $8 per knife last i checked.

    2. There is a knife shop just west of Dixie Hwy on Prospect Rd in Oakland Park. They do excellent knife sharpening and even repaired/rehoned a knife for me that had the tip broken off.

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      1. re: gblcsw

        This is who I use as well:

        South East Cutlery
        407 Northeast 44th Street
        Oakland Park, FL 33334-1422

        $4 a knife.

      2. I have used both of these places and I find them both of equal service and quality I use dixie now because I live in palm beach county but (cannot remember the name} the one on prospect was great used them for years go to the one that is closer to you

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        1. re: pikiliz

          The one on prospect was Old World Cutlery or something like that, did they change their name to South East now?

          I used to go there all the time. The gentleman behind the counter on saturday mornings was great! When I'd shop for knives, he was no pressure, very informative and NEVER tried to sell me the most expensive.

        2. Just spoke with SE Cutlery, 407 NE 44th Street in Oakland Park/Fort Lauderdale. (954) 772-3834.

          Business hours are M-F from 7a-4p. No weekend hours. Cost is $4 per knife.

          1. In Lauderdale, Chef Jean Pierre's gourmet shop does sharpening.