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Cocktails at a museum?

I recall one of the museums doing a Friday night jazz series in the summer - perhaps on a rooftop deck. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Can't recall which museum and I've checked some web sites and don't find any mention of it. Does this still exist?

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  1. Was it the Metropolitan Museum's rooftop martini bar?

    PS1 also boozes it up in the summer:

    And MoMA frequently has drinks at their PopRally events:

    1. The Museum of the City of New York has a "speakeasy":

      1. You're probably thinking of MOMA- - they used to do a summer evening jazz series in the sculpture garden but I don't believe that they have done it for a while.

        1. Go here:


          This is an elegant little place with a superb (but kinda expensive) wine selection. It's quite elegant.

          1. Met is open late on Fri and Sat.
            Lovely place to have a drink.

            1. The Rubin Museum in Chelsea has a really nice happy hour on Fridays. No jazz though...

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                Thanks. Have friends coming in to town and thought this might be an interesting idea for meeting for drinks. If we were to do the Met any suggestions for a casual dinner near by? Can't walk too far as one in the group isn't up to it, but we could cab somewhere.
                Thanks for the replies.

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                  One of my favorite places nearby is Square Meal, on 92nd just west of Madison Avenue. You would definitely need a reservation. They do allow BYOB with a v. low corkage fee, by the way.

                  Square Meal
                  30 E 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

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                    Tre Otto on Madison bet. 97/98 is wonderful. They are still BYOB so it comes out pretty inexpensive. They have outdoor seating if the weather is good. I recommend you call for a reservation as the place is getting popular pretty fast: http://treotto.com/.

                    Tre Otto
                    1408 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10029

                2. the Gugenheim has a bar party on the 1st Friday of each month