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Jun 1, 2010 05:03 PM

Bacco's Opening a Pizzeria? [Southfield MI]

I heard a rumor today that Bacco's is opening a pizzeria on NW Hwy in mid-June. This could
be interesting ... the market is already saturated with solid options. Within a short drive is:
Crust, Tomatoes Apizza, Buddy's & PizzaPapalis.

Tomatoes Apizza
29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

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  1. Does Bacco Ristorante serve pizza? Good? [i've still not made it there]

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    1. re: vtombrown

      The restaurant is an up-scale, fine dining experience. I do not recall if pizza is on the

      1. re: rainsux

        It is not on the main or bar menu....

    2. I found their Help Wanted ad. Seems that it will be named Pizzeria Biga. From the job
      opening, it seems it will be a full service operation with liquor license. I am *really*
      hoping this is not a replacement for the existing restaurant.

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      1. re: rainsux

        Pizzeria Biga: Requests to construct a 945 square foot storage addition and fa├žade
        renovations to the former Il Posto Restaurant for use as a new pizzeria bar/restaurant.
        The property is located at 29110 Franklin Road at the northeast corner of Franklin Road
        and Northwestern Highway.