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Jun 1, 2010 04:52 PM

Bob's, Medford

So, having already been won over by their cold cuts (and this is probably very old news), the butcher shop does fantastic burger meat. ($3.49 a lb for 85%, nice red color, strands of really tasty looking ground beef). Top with their blue cheese and nom.

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  1. Excellent home made sausages, too

    1. Got a nice pizza chiena there for Easter this year, too. I was bummed that they didn't have the lamb kebabs ready for a sandwich when I went by to pick it up.

      1. I miss Bob's.............sob, sob.................... I moved from South Medford (Bob's, Roberto's produce, Atlas liquors, Joseph's Bakery) to Southie....................WHY??? ;-)

        1. Their Marinated Steak Tip Dinners are enormous as well as delicious, all the specialty foods are to die for. I have lived in Medford all my life and can NEVER remember anything I have bought or eaten from BOBS that was not perfection. I even had them cater our work holiday party this year... rave reviews!

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          1. re: MeffaBabe

            Well, let's not be crazy here. I love Bob's, too, and have spent a good 10+ years of my life living in Medford. But they are not without their flaws:

            The pastrami is terrible.
            They have no oven, thus no toasted anything.
            They have no deli mustard, only plain yellow mustard or honey mustard.
            The famed meatballs are too much beef, not enough anything else.
            Their hot peppers are usually full of stems and other woody, inedible pieces of the pepper.
            Sometimes they screw up my order. Rarely, but it happens.

            So, to be clear, they are still far and away my favorite sub shop around. Great chicken parm (even without the oven), steak & cheese, steak tip, Italian cold cuts, "Deluxe" Italian, BBQ chicken tips, steak tip dinner, pasta dinners, salads, butcher counter, prepared foods. All great stuff.

            But nothing that is not perfection? I don't know of anywhere on the planet that meets that standard.

            1. re: BJK

              No oven? I swear they have one behind the counter - I think I have asked for and received a toasted sub.

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                They make pizzas so they do have an oven. As a matter of fact I have had them heat up slice for me.

                1. re: TomH

                  Hmmm. Good point about the pizza. There must be an oven somewhere. Maybe it's just a salamander? Or maybe they do the baking off site?

                  They definitely have microwaves behind the counter, but I don't recall ever seeing an oven or seeing a toasted sandwich of any sort. And I've been going there pretty religiously (like once or twice a week) for about 15 years.

                  As to the pastrami question, well, I'm a NYC Jew by heritage, so perhaps my standards are different. :) IMHO, pastrami has no place in an Italian deli. The closest I've found around here to a good pastrami sandwich (or corned beef for that matter) is either Michael's in Coolidge Corner or Second Street in East Cambridge.


              2. re: BJK

                Wow, I love their pastrami. Anywhere in the medford/somerville/etc area that you would recommend over Bob's?

                1. re: BJK

                  This is an Italian Specialty Store/Sandwich Shop not a Jewish Deli so I would never expect them to have great pastrami or deli mustard... that 's like going to a steak house and ordering fish and complaining it was awful! Well yeah it's awful because it's a STEAK HOUSE NOT A FISH PLACE!

                  They do have an oven because they deliver all your food HOT, they MAKE PIZZA... I just think that toasted subs is just not a big Boston thing...

                  1. re: MeffaBabe

                    But to make pizza, or calzones for that matter, you need an oven. No?

                    1. re: MeffaBabe

                      MeffaBabe, love your passion for Bob's. I love it, too. But, in my humble opinion, if it ain't good it shouldn't be on the menu. They don't do sushi, they don't do ribs, they don't do fried rice. But they do offer pastrami. And it sucks.

                      And every "House of Pizza" across the state has an oven for toasting subs. The only other place I can think of that doesn't is D'Angelo's.

                      Again, maybe I'm nitpicking, because I absolutely adore Bob's, recommend it without hesitation to anyone, and no joke have been there about once a week for the past 15 years.

                      But I am specifically responding to your comment that you "can NEVER remember anything I have bought or eaten from BOBS that was not perfection". I can. And I think it's wise for someone who's going out of their way to try Bob's based on all of our praise to try something that is truly excellent, like 90% of their menu is, and avoid the 10% (or maybe less!) that isn't.

                      Just my humble opinion.

                      1. re: BJK

                        The "House Of"'s and Quizno's toast subs automatically. But, it's not common that other sub shops or a place like Bob's would do it as a matter of course.

                  2. re: MeffaBabe

                    "All the specialty foods are to die for". Making me laugh. We always use Bob's for the after-the-funeral "grief buffet!

                    1. re: pemma

                      Wow, pemma, you have actually found an application of "to die for" that doesn't make me cringe. Along with "hands down", it is my least favorite phrase on Chowhound, but in a funeral context, it makes sense!


                  3. mmmmmm, Bob's - we were there once a week as kids with our Mom for the cold cut run . . .

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                    1. re: phonelady

                      its an Italian joint so the pastrami doesnt concern me, nor the lack of deli mustard.

                      pizza is blah.

                      steak and turkey tips rock. meatballs are ok, not great. good assortment of boar's head cold cuts. tasty sausages. fried stuff leaves me cold. I've never tried any of their pasta dishes made fresh up front but they smell good. The owner "Bob?" is there a lot and is an old school nice guy. Overall, great place and worth the winding drive from Cambridge. Speaking of which, Darwins, for all its charms, just isn't in the same league.

                      1. re: baldbert

                        AAAhhh...Steak tips from Bob's! Know what I'll be grilling this weekend! Thanks hounds!

                        1. re: baldbert

                          Agreed. Just responding to the overly effusive "everything is beyond perfection" praise. I love, love, love Bob's. But they ain't perfect.