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Jun 1, 2010 04:03 PM

Burmese Kitchen - What to order

A bunch of us girls are spending a weekend in SF, and after a long day of wine tasting, will be spending some quality time in our hotel room and were going to order from Burmese kitchen. There is about 9 of us and 2 are vegetarian. Instead of doing a variety, we were going to do something like 2-3 of 1 meat item, 2-3 of another meat item, and 2-3 of a veggie item + some appetizers. What are some people's favorites at this place? Anything to avoid?

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    1. I was just there for lunch today. Tea leaf salad for sure - vegetarian, except for dried crispy shrimp, so i guess it's more fishaterian. Best tea leaf salad i've had, as many others have noted. Also had a fish chowder - i could not stop eating it even though it was a huge bowl. i couldn't discern actual pieces of fish, but there was something in it that made me think of the samusa soup - maybe pieces of samusa?? i also had them add the crispy yellow lentils for added texture. the noodles were very soft, but i don't know, maybe that's the way it's supposed to be - not al dente? don't know if this would travel well to your hotel, but it was i think one of the most delicious, satisfying soups i've ever had. so much depth of flavor. made even better by adding a bit of cilantro and lime that they provided with it. But whatever you do, have the tea leaf salad.

      I actually kept shaking my head over this entire meal, in disbelief, it was so good.

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        Dennis, the owner and host, goes to Cambodia for the tea leaves. What a hospitable guy!

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          and he told me that he uses them whole, not sliced up, which he says makes a difference in the flavor.

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          the Moh Hinga fish chower is Soup Art; I love the thick rich fragrant broth with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of chopped cilantro.

          1. re: Cynsa

            Is that what's it's called? good to know, thanks! i was incredibly impressed by it.

        3. I take vegetarian friends there all the time. All go crazy for the GinDok salad (LOTS of ginger!), the pumpkin stew, the corn and onion, and the samosa soup.

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            Oh how I would like a bowl of that samusa soup for lunch! I was going to suggest it along with the deep fried tofu which is also great but then realized this post was looking for takeout, so maybe the tofu wouldn't be the best idea. The salads here are outstanding and I bet Dennis would leave the tea leaf one unmixed for takeaway. I knew he went to SE Asia to get the tea leaves but didn't realize it was Cambodia. One word of warning: share the tea leaf salad and be sure to eat lots of plain rice with it or you might find yourselves awake very late. I understand it is more of an afternoon snack sort of thing (maybe around teatime?) in Burma.

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              I mentioned the soup because I know they are really good about packing the falafel separately from the soup so you can add them together later. Not QUITE as good, but at least it isn't soggy and completely works for me!

          2. Coconut rice is very good. So is the shrimp with sour vegetable, but it's an acquired taste. The hard-boiled eggs in tamarind sauce are unexpectedly delicious.

            I, too, like the tea leaf salad but wish the fermented tea flavor were more pronounced.