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Jun 1, 2010 03:45 PM

[London] Leaving this Friday with my 14 yo daughter and looking for restaurants

I am taking my 14 year old daughter to London for her graduation gift and have been combing the boards for restaurant suggestions. My last visit was about 6 years ago. We will be staying in South Kensington so at night it would be nice to not be off in the outskirts of Central London. Also, she doesn't particularly care for Indian food.

We know we want to go to Master's Super fish for fish and chips, and Fortnum and Mason's for tea. I love Patisserie Valerie for an afternoon pick me up after the V&A. I have always had good pub food at The Grenader, but as I say, it's been awhile. I remember the cafe on the top of Harvey Nichol's as being a nice spot for lunch. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I am looking for.
Can I get any more suggestions?

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  1. I really enjoyed the Polish food at Daquise in South Ken:

    1. a stones throw away from harvey nichols is ishbilya, a wonderful lebanese restaurant. if you don't know your way around lebanese food, please ask and we'll help you.

      a little pricey, but a wonderful not to be missed spot is min jiang on the top of the kensington royal gardens hotel. a spectacular view, and delicious duck. also great dim sum (search under limster for a review).

      lunch at launceston place restaurant, close to where you are staying, is one of the best bargains in town for modern british cooking. at 25 quid a head, you'll be eating at well under half of what you'd pay anywhere else in the free world for this quality.

      finally, for delish cheap and cheerful around south ken tube is bosphorus kebab house: it's a hole in the wall, but the kebabs are phenomenal.


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        I will second Launceston Place, really delicious food, well priced and a lovely place for a mother and daughter to have dinner/lunch.

        If you want to venture further away from your hotel then let us know, there are plenty more recommendations to be given :)

        Also may be useful to let us know what your daughter enjoys/is interested in - there are so many options there could be something that would really suit her perfectly.

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          Thank you for your suggestions. I am more than happy to wander away from our hotel, just don't want to be trying to get back from Greenwich at 9 or 10 at night. My daughter is very interested in food. We don't eat at Hard Rock here so we'd never eat at one on vacation. I just wanted to sway the conversation away from only ethnic suggestions, which seem to be so prevalent on this board. With all of the unique cheeses, interest in organic farming and specialty butchers, and being an island surrounded by fishing, I thought there would be more comments on British food spots.

          1. re: Roseolson

            To sample some great British produce and cooking, you should try to get in to the Harwood Arms in Fulham.

            1. re: pj26

              I have heard this place mentioned several times, to good reviews. I'll put it on the list. Thank you. Should I book reservations at these places now? I was recently in Rome and amazed at how many restaurants you had to book ahead and couldn't just show up to. Is the same for London?

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                Definitely make reservations at Harwood Arms. You can do it online. This was one of my 13-year old daughter's favorite places when we spent a week in London in March. She also loved J Sheekey, The Ledbury, The Square and Texture.

            2. re: Roseolson

              You might enjoy Great Queen St. on the street of the same name. If you eat earlyish, it won't be too crowded but I'd book ahead. It definitely has that 'modern British, good produce' menu.

              1. re: zuriga1

                If you want British you can try any of these - J Sheekey and Harwood Arms as mentioned before and also Bentleys for seafood and tonnes of British history (opened in 1916)
                ...... but also Hix (soho) is really buzzy, St John (Farringdon) is all all about the food..... Hereford Road near Westbourne Grove , Bull and Last (Kentish Town, pub with nice food).
                For more of a statement try Rhodes 24 (Gary Rhodes) that has an amazing view from the 24th floor or Roast has an amazing view of Borough Market and the two together would make a great British lunch and activity. Rochelle Canteen is also wonderful for lunch, amazing food in an artists school hidden away and if you are in the area you can go for tea at Albion where it is served with tea cosy, quite British! And if it is a nice evening there is a roof terrace for cocktails before dinner in Boundary.

                1. re: kristaneon

                  Also take a look at Rules, London's oldest restaurant and maybe Richard Corrigans, I have not eaten there but it is supposed to be very good

        2. Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.
          We couldn't book Harwood Arm's online so just showed up right at 7 PM on Sunday and they had had a cancellation and were very nice about seating us. The food was good but not sure I would say it was the "best". The bill was 75 pounds for 2 glasses of wine, one appetizer, two entrees and two desserts. The food was very interesting, straight forward,. small portions but not a lot of choices.
          Had fish and chips at Master's Super Fish one night (looks like a dive but clean). The excellent piece of fish was cooked perfectly with a lovely batter crust and the price was 20 pounds for two orders and two beers. Will return again.
          The day we had High Tea at Fortnum and Mason's (a lovely experience but don't think I will do it again at 36 pound a person) we got take away food from Harrod's for dinner. So many yummy choices!
          The last night, we ate at a very nice Indian restaurant next to our hotel, Noor Jahan, that was good and filled with neighborhood Brits. We were very satisfied.