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Jun 1, 2010 03:06 PM

Anything in Philadelphia on the way to Horsham?

Some co-workers and I will be arriving in Philadelphia and driving to Horsham. Is there anything great on the way? Anything great in Horsham? Since we don't know the area, ideally we will find some place in Philadelphia that is relatively close to the airport and relatively close to the way to Horsham. Thanks!

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  1. Are you arriving at Philadelphia International Airport and going to Horsham? If so you will have a pretty long drive to Horsham and cover a lot of ground. Do you know what route you will be taking to get there?
    What type of food are you looking for?

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    1. re: thehungrything

      Yes. I have no idea what route. One person on the trip would love steak but another is vegetarian. Nice!!! What about something Nobu-ish? Asian fusion? I know nothing we choose will be convenient, but I imagine it will be worth it!

      1. re: Hillskip1

        There is actually an Asian fusion restaurant on what's probably the best route from the airport to Horsham (95 south to 476 north to the PA turnpike east), Azie on Main:

        I've never been to this particular location (it's new), but I've been to two of their other restaurants and they were both pretty good.

    2. Where are you staying in Horsham?

      1. I would look at Ooka in Willow Grove, which is probably where you would exit the Turnpike to come into Horsham. It is upscale Japanese, but they have something for everyone. It is BYOB.