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Providence - Anniversary Roll-back Pricing for Tasting Menu (Again)?

I found a post last year (June 2009) about Providence cutting their pricing down to their original 2005 cost. Does anyone know if Providence will be doing the same this June 2010?


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  1. Just called Providence and they confirmed their 5 course tasting menu (ONLY) will be reduced from its original $95/pp to $65/pp... during this month on June.

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      Thanks for the heads up, I just a reservation!

    2. Fromallsides!! Thank you so much for putting this on chow. I have been debating whether to try Saam or Providence and you've made up my mind for me. Can't beat roll back prices! Thanks again!

      1. They do this special every year.

          1. Sounds good, I really need to go. Reports were up & down for a while, is it in an "up" cycle?

            1. This year (2011) it's $70 for 5 courses.

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                Have they offered discounts on their other tasting menus?

              2. $70 is still a very good deal.

                Last time I went for the 9 course and liked it well enough. Does the tasting menu change much at all?

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                  We have the chefs tasting menu at leat 1-2 times every year and not a single dish ever repeated so far

                2. Question: My son is a vegetarian, can he get the vegetarian tasting menu while everyone else at the table gets the regular tasting menu? Will they do that? I ask because the menu states "we request the participation of the entire table".

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                    You should call and ask, but last time I went with my husband (vegan), it was okay. It's always good to call in advance so the kitchen can prepare vegetarian-friendly dishes.

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                      We did the 14 course tasting menu with a foursome and two of us don't eat shellfish or pork and one also doesn't eat other land animals. They were very accommodating. They mostly want to be serving the same number of courses at the same time to the whole table. One five course menu, two 9 courses and one person ordering an appetizer and an entree is hard on the kitchen and the wait staff--plus if guests don't enjoy the meal as much because someone is sitting with no food while others are eating or other pacing issues, those are guests unlikely to return.
                      A head's up when you make the reservation is sure to be appreciated, though.

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                        When contacting Providence they could not of been kinder to my special request, to quote them "We will be happy to substitute vegetarian items on the 5 course menu for him and have made a note of the request in your reservation". Talk about service, I am truly impressed. I am so looking forward to our dinner at Providence.

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                          Providence is a true professional restaurant. You always get the sense that the staff there is amazingly well trained and does not consist of actors or screenwriters trying to earn some cash. They may actually be actors and screenwriters but you certainly feel that their careers are in hospitality. Im always impressed at providence at how much everyone in the place knows about each dish and each ingredient. There are not many restaurants in LA that are as professionally run as providence.

                      2. Made it to Providence for the last night of their 5 course tasting menu 6th anniversary special. The service was incredible. And the food...one of the best meals I've ever had in Los Angeles. Scallops and Halibut and Veal... oh my! My son, who is a vegetarian was treated royally to his own 5 course meal, the best meal he's ever eaten period, Some of the most beautifully creative vegetarian food I've ever seen, And you know what is funny ... someone at every table in the restaurant was taking photos of every dish of their food. I have never seen this anywhere else before. See what Chowhound has done to the world.

                        5955 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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                          They just extended the special pricing through July.

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                              Thanks for the info. Just made a reservation.

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                              We had a similar menu and it was excellent. Luckily, the anniversary special is right at my birthday. Hee hee.

                            3. Just to heap more praise on the service at Providence --- we were stopped dead in traffic on the 5 in Anaheim at 6 pm this past Friday night, a half hour before our reservation. We decided to call the restaurant, let them know our situation, and then turn around and have dinner in San Diego. When I called and explained what was happening, I was asked to hold for a little bit. He came back on the line and told me to drive safely and not to worry about the reservation --- Providence would accommodate us. We were both pleasantly stunned and speechless. We didn’t arrive until 7:40, but we were seated immediately, and had the 5 course tasting with wine pairings, easily our best meal in several months. Two outstanding amuses, a delicious kampachi sashimi, a perfectly seared scallop, one of the best pieces of halibut I’ve had, the best veal dish I can remember, a delightful chocolate cremeux, and a wonderful trio of mignardises to finish. Probably won’t go on a Friday for our next visit.