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Jun 1, 2010 11:42 AM

Providence - Anniversary Roll-back Pricing for Tasting Menu (Again)?

I found a post last year (June 2009) about Providence cutting their pricing down to their original 2005 cost. Does anyone know if Providence will be doing the same this June 2010?


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  1. Just called Providence and they confirmed their 5 course tasting menu (ONLY) will be reduced from its original $95/pp to $65/pp... during this month on June.

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    1. re: fromallsides

      Thanks for the heads up, I just a reservation!

    2. Fromallsides!! Thank you so much for putting this on chow. I have been debating whether to try Saam or Providence and you've made up my mind for me. Can't beat roll back prices! Thanks again!

      1. They do this special every year.

          1. Sounds good, I really need to go. Reports were up & down for a while, is it in an "up" cycle?