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Jun 1, 2010 10:25 AM

RedHeads Dead?

Drove past it today (Hope Road, Eatontown). The sign at the curb now says Bogarts (I think). Anyone have details?

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  1. I saw something in the APP on this. It is now a sushi place, think it should be opening this weekend.....

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    1. re: Barbarella

      Surprised Redheads lasted as long as it did. One of those places that tried to do everything (Cajun sushi pizza nacho wraps, anyone?), and never did any of them well...

    2. The cycle is complete. The original RedHeads, in Union Square, Middletown, became Midtown a few years ago. That restaurant closed a few months ago.

      1. Saw an ad - possibly on this site - that the Grand Opening is today, June 10.

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        1. re: cantkick

          New restaurant is called Bogarts. Seems to mainly be an Italian Sushi place with sandwiches, wraps & stuff.


          Sushi Menu:

        2. Guess this is as good as any spot to post this, Red Heads/Bogarts (same owners just changed the name) in Tinton Falls is now closed.

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          1. re: jrvedivici

            oh jeez, where am I going to go to Hip Hop night now?

          2. Bogarts is officially dead as well - had a dentist appointment in that same complex last week - Bogarts is dark and has a "For Rent" sign in the window...