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Jun 1, 2010 10:01 AM

Streetcars to restaurants

Can I take the streetcar to any of the following restaurants. Thought maybe I could save a little on taxi fares and only use them coming back to the quarter...
Dick and Jenny's

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  1. In theory, yes, but you will have to do some additional walking in order to get to these places. For Coquette, take the streetcar to Washington Ave. and St. Charles and walk down Washington (probably a 10-15 minute walk). Dick and Jenny's - get off at Napoleon, walk to Tchopitoulas and then go one block right. (15 minute walk). Patois - this is probably the most difficult to get to from the streetcar. I would say get off at State St. or Henry Clay and head down to Laurel Street. Patois is on Laurel between these two streets. It would probably be a 20 minute walk.

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      In the summer, I might walk to Coquette from the streetcar but forget the other two. I used to walk to Clancy's (and that is virtually the same hike as Patois) but I gave that up in summer a long time ago. An a/c bus is still a problem in the dead of August becuase even two or three blocks and you'l be soaked..

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        yes, this is a good point. I would tend to agree that Coquette is the only one I would even consider walking to in the summer heat.

    2. Dick & Jenny's is directly on the Tchoupitoulas St. bus line. There are stops one block in either direction from the restaurant. Patois is two blocks off Tchoupitoulas St., and three blocks total from the nearest bus stops.

      Coquette is on the Magazine St. bus line. There is a stop right at the restaurant, at the intersection of Washington and Magazine.

      You can ask the bus driver to alert you when you're near the street you need. They often call out major intersections. You can ask the Tchoupitoulas bus driver to call out State Street (the stop you want for Patois). The drivers will likely call out Napoleon Avenue (for Dick & Jenny's) and Washington Avenue (for Coquette), but you might want to ask just to be sure. If you miss your stop, it's not a big deal because there are stops every other block for the most part.

      Both these bus routes have stops on Canal Street at Magazine, adjacent to the French Quarter. The Magazine St. bus stops just before (lakeside of) Magazine, and the Tchoup bus stop is just past (riverside of) Magazine. There are bus shelters at both stops. They are easy to find, and the bus generally runs on schedule. Fare is $1.25 It's the same fare for the streetcar, so if you plan to use a lot of public transportation you might want to get a pass, which are available in increments from single day to monthly. Find more route, schedule, and fare information at

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        thanks! was not thinking about the bus.....only had streetcar in my head. will check that out. how is it taking the bus later to get back to the Quarter? Should I not even think about it???

        1. re: ncara

          That's pretty much up to you and what you're comfortable with. I personally (woman) wouldn't mind waiting by myself at the Magazine St. bus stop by Coquette because the stop is directly in front of the restaurant, and that is a busy intersection. I might be a bit more concerned about the other two stops after dark, not because those are bad neighborhoods but just because the stops themselves are slightly more isolated - they seem darker and are a bit further away from the door of a restaurant or bar. The Tchoupitoulas stop is pretty near Tipitina's, which will be open and busy, but it's not right by the door.

          Bottom line, I'd probably call a cab on Tchoupitoulas St. at night, but take the bus on Magazine.

          United Cab: 504 522 9771

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            you can take a street car to Boucherie instead.