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El Paraiso in Durham has changed hands

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I'd been to El Paraiso on Alston in Durham many times since I first read Jim Leff's report a few years back. It had been a while since my last visit, so when the Korean taco truck run fell through, we decided El Paraiso would suffice.

When I arrived, I noticed the sign out front was broken and the facade had been repainted a bright yellow with a new name that I didn't make note of. I was reassured by the site of a closed taco truck in the lot. Any place with a taco truck can't be bad. I went inside and spoke with the staff and they confirmed they were new owners. I ordered 12 tacos (carne azada, barbacoa, pastor and lengue), 4 sopes, and 4 tamales. Everything was tasty. Their red salsa was especially interesting, thick and smoky, redolent of roasted chiles. As usual with Mexican food, our meal was a tremendous bargain at $35.

El Paraiso Restaurant
2609 High Point Rd, Greensboro, NC 27403

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  1. Good to know. El Paraiso is very convenient to Triangle Brewing and would make a great lunch prior to one of their Saturday tours. Thanks!

    BTW, the map is wrong. For some reason they show an El Paraiso in High Point. The Durham restaurant is on Alston just south of Main on the east side of the street.

    El Paraiso Restaurant
    9675 S Nc Highway 581, Bailey, NC 27807

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      I have to disagree. I went there a few weeks ago for the first time and found it shockingly ordinary. Everything was frozen; the tortillas were premade and refrigerated. I had come directly from Los Comales on a kind of tacqueria crawl, and the difference in quality could not have been more plain.

      I also had a bad experience at La Vaquita not long ago. The tacos were fine, but they took about 20 minutes to prepare. There were a few other people waiting for food, all looking at their watches and clearly feeling annoyed. I've had other people mention to me that La Vaquita takes an unaccountably long time to serve a few simple tacos. At Los Comales you have your food in about 30 seconds.

      Los Comales
      2103 N Roxboro St, Durham, NC 27704

      1. re: Mnemosyne

        I hear you on La Vaquita. I've called ahead and when I got there it was evident that the kitchen hadn't even started the order. This has happened multiple times. Yet, I still go because it's convenient. Very sad to hear about El Paraiso. It was my favorite taqueria and I will miss it.

        El Paraiso Restaurant
        2609 High Point Rd, Greensboro, NC 27403