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Jun 1, 2010 07:54 AM

Dinner between Newtown (Bucks) and Paoli?

We are meeting friends for dinner this Saturday night. We've decided we don't want to go into Philly. Would love to find a great restaurant that would be about halfway between Newtown (Bucks County) and Paoli. Maybe something in the Blue Bell/Ambler/Hatboro areas. All four of us are "into" food and willing to pay a lot for a really good meal. Open to any cuisine. Thank you!

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  1. Were doing the same thing, well almost, cause we're in Stockton, NJ and they are in Paoli, PA. We're looking for BYOBs but if we can't find anything we are thinking Iron Hill Brewery, Ooka, The Drafting Room or PJ Whelan's. All in the Montgomeryville/North Wales area.

    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
    710 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801

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      The Drafting Room is closed. I'm not familiar with Ooka, but Iron Hill and PJ's are more "pub grub" type place.

      Check out Bridget's or Deterra in Ambler or Arpeggio in Springhouse. I'm sure if you search them on this board, you'll see a lot of opinions.

      You can see this thread to start:

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        Ooka is on 309 just past the mall before you get to Horsham Road. Its the best Hibachi and Sushi. Iron Hill has a nice restaurant. Also, there is always Bacco restaurant on 202. Let me know what you do! Thanks.