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Jun 1, 2010 07:03 AM

Montreal trip report

Spent Thurs. thru Sun. morning in Montreal (from Boston) and had a great time. Thurs. dinner was APDC and that was a fun place. I didn't enjoy it as much as my friend did tho, maybe cuz it was just so rich. We started with the plate of pate and sausage which was very tasty and I probably could/should have stopped there. The cromesquis were a nice little treat, didn't seem too doughy as someone else mentioned. Even tho someone's pork dish looked amazing, T had to have the duck in a can so we split that (no one mentioned specials and we saw no listing). It is something you have to order once I suppose and was an experience (pic below), but it was a little over the top for me. However, if T were writing the review, he'd give it A+. We'd also ordered a salad with fried pork something, I was picturing some crispy pork bits but it was like a large croquette and at that point, I couldn't eat anymore. Funny too cuz we went easy on the bread but 3 different people kept trying to put more on a table which we had to refuse. Certainly no room for dessert. Really nice service, comfortable fun spot.

Our other big meal was at Laloux and this meal was more up my alley. Started at the bar of Pop where I just got a glass of rose and T had a martini and beer. Really nice bartender but only 4 other people were there at 8:30 on a Sat. nite which seemed odd. About 3/4 full at Laloux, decent service (our bartender ended up serving us later on) and we split 3 apps and an entree. Grilled octopus w/ beans was very good as was the lamb tartar and the scallops were sweet and tasty, supposedly smoked but I didn't get much of that flavor. We got the duck entree which was about the same size as the apps, nice slices of duck breast with some creamy polenta. I think the small portion might have knocked it down a few notches for T but it was the perfect amount of food. This nite we took all the baguettes they gave us and wolfed it down AND got dessert. I was intrigued by the olive oil cake w/ rhubarb sorbet and that was fine but maybe I would have gone apple 3 ways instead. T's choc. mousse was very good, I really enjoyed it there.

We hit La Banquise one afternoon for our poutine fix (my first time, pic below) and while I can appreciate it, I'd rather just have good fries and miss that I didn't make it to Frites Alors. I also stopped at Olive et Gourmando, Fous Desserts, Patisserie de Gascogne (pic below) for choc., choc/pear and almond croissants, respectively. All good, wish I'd found the choc/almond combo tho. Got a Paris brest at Premiere Moisson at Atwater Market and at the Jean Talon Mkt, stopped at L'Olivier for a good and cheap sausage sandwich with olives and roasted peppers. Before we left on Sun., had a great breakfast at Bagels Etc. on St. Laurent, spinach/cheese w/ hollandaise over St. Viateur bagels w/ good home fries, and T got egg, ham and cheese on bagels. Cool funky spot.

Hit many bars, Foufounes (love that this is still around), Copacabana (regular kinda bar), Rockette (good rock DJ), L'Escogriffe (good bands), Chaos (more rock), Jello (dead at 9PM, nice bartender, way too sweet drink), Modavie (nice relaxing glass of wine Sat. afternoon). Did not have luck with happy hours tho, arrived just before 7:00 on Thurs. (the bridge traffic was horrible) and places that had advertised doing 5-7 stuff on Fri. lied. Like Suite 701 where we sat at the bar and had pricey drinks anyway (while everyone was going up to the roofdeck) but I enjoyed my cucumber martini. We went to Salon Officiel which looked cool online but wasn't even open when they advertised happy hour 4-8. I really wanted to try that place.

Okay, hopefully it's not another 7 years before I get back to your fine city. Thanks to Maximilien and Carswell for that big list.

Olive et Gourmando
351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

Frites Alors
3497 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2T6, CA

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  1. it's nice that people who visit take the time to detail their food trip...glad u enjoyed montreal and come on back anytime

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    1. re: blondee_47

      I second that! Thanks a lot for taking the time to report back on your experiences - so many don't bother. Glad you had a good trip overall!

      1. re: kpzoo

        Thanks, I do go on but like to mention the major and minor stops. Also just wanted to mention Cao Thang in Chinatown as I get ready to eat a bahn mi that I brought back from there (after eating a small portion to get the full fresh effect). They had lots of good blurbs on their door including one from Chowhound saying they were the best but I think the Boston bahn mi I've had are better. And surprisingly, the bread wasn't as good. Sure smells yummy tho, time for lunch.

        1. re: Joanie

          Great report and I love your photos.

          1. re: Plateaumaman

            Thank you for the report! We are going the end of this month and I certainly will write one! I want those fries with the little cups of sauces....yum....can't wait!

      2. re: blondee_47

        Thanks for the report. I can only echo the much valued KPZoo's remarks