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Father's Day Brunch near La Jolla

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My sister and I are visiting my father for the first time since he's moved out to California - and it just happens to be on Father's Day! We would love to take him out to a nice brunch, but we have no clue what's good. We looked into the Beer and Brunch cruise through Hornblower.com, however it's a little too expensive for us.

He lives in La Jolla, but we will be willing to travel. Any suggestions?

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  1. whisknladle...it's right in La Jolla.

    1. How about taking him to La Valencia's Mediterreanian Room for brunch, pretty nice and great food choices.

        1. Cavaillon. requires some travel but worth it.

          Cavaillon Restaurant
          14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127