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Jun 1, 2010 06:53 AM

Chef's table in Grand Rapids, MI?


It's my anniversary this weekend, and our plans fell apart at the last minute so I'm scrambling to come up with something.

Do you have any recommendations for a restaurant that offers a chef's table for 2 in the GR area? From a few google searches, it looks like GR uses "chef's table" as synonymous for a private dining room, but I'm actually looking for a true chef's table where you get to hang out in/near the ktichen.

I'd prefer something downtown, as it's likely that we'll get a hotel down there and want to/from dinner.

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  1. I don't know of any restaurant in Grand Rapids that has a chef's table in/near the kitchen. However, here are some suggestions for your anniversary. Note that a couple of these places are in downtown hotels so you might not even need to leave the hotel to eat.

    six one six is my favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids. They serve contemporary American cuisine in a contemporary setting in the JW Marriott hotel. Don't miss the smoked duck flatbread appetizer!

    The 1913 Room in the Amway Grand has exquisite service and the food is very good, although it didn't "wow" me the way six one six did.

    Bloom Restaurant is a small chef-driven restaurant. There, too, the food is very good, but it didn't "wow" me the way six one six did. I ate there when they were in their former location on the east side before they moved downtown; I'm not sure what the new setup is like, but the old place was small enough that you had a view of the cooking from anywhere you sat.

    I've posted detailed reports on dinners at all three restaurants (and others) in the Grand Rapids topic at

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      thanks! six one six is a leading contender. We're actually going to stay at the JW overnight, so the walk after dinner would be short.

      We enjoyed a meal at Bloom back in late December, and were surprised by how empty the place was. Hope it's able to stick around. No view of the kitchen from what I remember, it's hidden behind a wall.

      1. re: wizzy99

        We wound up at and wish we'd gone elsewhere. Food was good, service beyond bad. I'd put the restaurant well below Bistro Bella Vita, Green Well, and Bloom (those are the only other downtown places I've been to).

        Had some pre-dinner drinks at Hopcat (love the crack fries) and brunch this morning at Electric Cheetah (yummy hash, quiche, and juevos rancheros).

        25 Ionia Ave SW Ste 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

        Bistro Bella Vita
        44 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

        Six One Six - JW Marriott Hotel Grand Rapids
        235 Louis NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    2. I"m not sure what side of GR you're on, but there is a place in Kzoo with a chef's table. It's in the Radisson....called Zazios. They have two sittings 5:30 and 8:00, I think. Going there this weekend and thought about the chef's table, but there are five of us and it might get loud for the others, so I just made dinner reservations instead.

      Might be worth a try.

      100 W.Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI 49007