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Jun 1, 2010 01:08 AM

Pierre Gagnaire at the ANA

Anyone been to it yet? any comments? Might go for my 3rd year anniv next week...
any input would be greatly appreciated....


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  1. I had dinner a few weeks ago, and thought it was out of this world. As was the price (75,000 yen for two, with wine and port). My companion said the fish was a bit of a let down, and there was Gagnaire's usual emphasis on desserts, which means a diner with a sweet tooth will have a happier time, and I'm far too much of a Philistine to appreciate the sophistry of putting your food on the rim of the plate instead of the middle, but overall, the things they were doing with flavor combos there were a whole league above anything I've tried anywhere else. Liked the venue too - very classy. I think this will nab 2 stars in the next M guide. I'll head back there as soon as someone invites me.

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    1. re: coldicott

      Thanks for the input. I definitely have a sweet tooth, and my wife is acquiring one....the price is steep but around the ballpark for a chef like him.
      Thanks again.

      1. re: dingaling

        Well, we ended up not going there and went to Maison Paul Bocuse instead.
        Very Very Old Skool.......
        from the decor to the menu....
        How do you explain it? its like traditional modern french cooking now....
        Nothing inventive or playful, just incredible ingredients and skilled traditional techniques that made for a solid dinner.
        The service is great, they really made an effort for my anniversary.
        But I think there were only 3 tables (including us) all night.
        Saving Pierre Gagnaire for my birthday or another occasion.