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May 31, 2010 09:25 PM

Indian Market?

When pulling into the parking lot of Indian Sweets and Spices this afternoon that they've closed. Does anyone have a recommendation for the next best place for Indian spices and ingredients?

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  1. no!!! ugh, this is NOT good.

    i think there might be a couple of Indian markets out on Black Mountain Road...?

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      As others have said the place to go is the Little India Center in Mira Mesa where there are at least three Indian markets along with several Indian restaurants and Indian cultural places (temple, clothing stores, etc...).

    2. The one on Clairemont Mesa?

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      1. India Food & Grocery at 9474 Black Mountain Road is solid. They cary a large selection of spices, and the prepared sweets are quite tasty

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          Cool....Can't wait to head up there.

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            India Food and Grocery is good. Bombay Bazaar, which is right opposite it has just expanded - it is my go-to place. Both those are bigger and better than the late, lamented Sweets and Spices.

          2. According to the clerk I spoke to in the store a bit over a week ago Indian Sweets and Spices is relocating to Mira Mesa. There were issues with rent and their desire to prepare and serve food at the Clairemont Mesa Blvd location.

            1. I am looking for paneer cheese. Any updates on the Indian markets, or is this widely available elsewhere (I am downtown area)?

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                Ker moved to India Spices and Sweets' old location on Clairemont Mesa Drive, west of the 805 freeway. Haven't been in to check it out yet.