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May 31, 2010 07:24 PM

Prague - lunch, snack, restaruant and food suggestions.


My husband and I will be in Prague for 3-4 days. I have made reservations at Restaurace V Zátiší, Le Terrior, & Divinas - are there other suggestions. Do these sound like good choices. I do not particularly care for heavy pork dishes, cabbage, etc.

Also, where should we stop for lunch, cafe, snacks? Are there any special food markets.


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  1. Hi, I would skip Le Terroir or Divinis and changed it for restaurant Alcron. I know, its a hotel restaurant (there are two restos in Radisson SAS Alcron hotel, ask for the smaller restaurant, which is much better). But I find that recently this is one of the very few restaurants in Prague with really international Michelin standard and is right now probably the best restaurant in Prague. I think they are closed on weekends, but I am not sure. If you go, dont be discouraged by ordering fish so far from the shore and have the lobster bisque - its the best bisque I have ever eaten and pretty much almost the best thing I have ever eaten.

    For lunch, I would recommend a relatively new, typically Czech restaurant called Lokal on Dlouha street. Its in the center of the town, only about 400 or so meters from the Old Town Square, and they have perfect lunch dishes. This is typical Czech cuisine, so there is pork and cabbage, but you dont necessarily have to eat either of them. The great thing about this place is that its cheap for Prague standards and they cook these things fresh and from the best ingredients and they are cooked so well that they are not too heavy. And they have very good beer :-)

    For coffee, I enjoy going to the House of the Black Madonna, which is a beautiful historical cubist house on Celetna street, with a cafe restored amazingly to match the house. There is a shop of cubist galssware and porcelain on the ground floor and the cafe is on the first floor. Beware, its a smokers place, but is has a lovely little terrace and I think the athmosphere is worth the smoke.

    Food markets are at the beginning in Prague and if you buy some fruit or so in the center, triple-check the price. The fruit and vegetable stalls in the center often overcharge ridiculously. There might be some touristic markets in the center, you can buy snacks there. Other vegetable markets are usually in the suburbs on Saturday mornings, but as I said, this is just in the beginning and still does not have desired quality or choice.
    If you have any more questions, you can pm me :-) Enjoy Prague.

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      Thank you so much for your suggestions. Do you have a preference between Le Terroir or Divinis?

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        Well I wouldn't go to either of them :-)
        Le Terroir is French-like cuisine and Divinis is Italian-like cuisine. Le Terroir is in a cellar and I'm sure that if you like wine, you would have many more and better choices there. It is definitely more posh and may be even intimidating to some than Divinis. Divinis is more what you could call "barefoot luxury" - more light wood, big windows, simple furniture, tables closer together, more informal service.
        As I said, I have not been to either of them and would not want to. My parents had bad experience in both of them. In Le Terroir, the sommeier was pressing for more expensive wine even if it didn't go so well with their meals. In Divinis, the chef, when he talked to my dad, said that it's impossible to make such good risotto in the restaurant as at home!