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May 31, 2010 06:07 PM

Where to get decent priced drinks (beer/cocktails) on Grand Cayman - with a view

We're headed to Grand Cayman soon for diving and haven't been since 1985. I read recently were a beer can easily cost $10! Does anyone have suggestions for bars that charge reasonalble rates for beers and cockstails?

We don't mind hotel bars if the atmosphere is good. We're not looking for a disco/rowdy type atmosphere but laid back and comfortable would be a plus. Our favorite beach bars have views so that would be a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Try Rackham's or Hammerheads in Georgetown. The Wreck Bar at Rum Point. Calico Jack's at the northern end of 7-mile beach.

    1. You might try the Cracked Conch. It's across from the Turtle Farm and while the atmosphere is typical beach, they have a great view of sunset when the clouds permit.

      1. Thank you! I appreciate the help.

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          Went in December of '09 and was shocked by the prices (and I'm from an expensive city) but Cracked Conch had good happy hour prices and the view is breathtaking. It was right by the house we rented so we really only went there and mostly drank on our deck. If you want some good street food, there is a little shack that has food only on the weekends. Close to the Cracked Conch - by the 4 corners on the West End. It's on Boggy Sand Road. Best Fish Tea

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            Sounds perfect. Where are these places in proximity to 7 mile beach?

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              At the very end of 7 mile beach - out of the tourist area. If you are diving on the West Bay side, Cracked Conch is right next to the dive place. And the little shack on Boggy Sand Road is 5 minutes before that.