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May 31, 2010 05:51 PM

Upper Marlboro, MD area eats

Hi. We're going to the BBQ fest in Upper Marlboro, MD on Saturday and we're looking for someplace (NOT BBQ) for a 5:30ish dinner. Looking for something between fast food and fancy - jeans wearing allowed. Asian would be great - thai or chinese. Casual seafood would be even better. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. UM is a wasteland. Shocking lack of food esp considering it is a county seat.

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      What about Jasper's? I think it's a chain, but I'm not sure what other direction to go. There's also a place I saw called the Old Town Inn - or something like that. Thanks.

    2. What about Jerry's Seafood in Bowie. Home of the Crab Bomb. I haven't been to this location, only the original in Lanham. But I can say the Crab Bomb, while expensive, is pretty awesome. Just a few miles up 301 off of 197.

      Jerry's Seafood Restaurant
      15211 Major Lansdale Blvd, Bowie, MD 20716

      1. To the comment of 'wasteland' -- I won't argue that we need more, and there aren't any that I'd specifically go miles out of my way to visit, but some of the places that should work:

        Kasey's Seafood, on MD 725 between 202 and 301. I've never been there (I'm not a huge seafood fan), but it's been recommended by a few friends. Of course, that was before the floods 2 years ago, and they were in that area, so I hope they're still open.

        Kitchen No 1 : in the Marlboro Square shopping center, SE corner of the 4 / 301 intersection. Consistently good food; we regularly get take out from there and a pizza from Joe's (next door to them) for the kids. Nice atmosphere, but I haven't done the sit-down thing in a while as the kids are at a squirmy age.

        Olde Town Inn, on Main Street. They have a few seafood dishes -- I'd compare the atmosphere and food to many semi-casual chain restaurants. As a warning, they don't have a kid's menu, though.

        Recently, the 'Viet Net Cafe' opened on Main Street -- I haven't been in there yet, but it's vietnamese food, and it's possible they cater to the courthouse crowd )only open on weekdays for breakfast and lunch, like so many other places in the area).


        Other places to get food in the area (for lawhound's comment), although I haven't been to most:

        Ledo Pizza, Main Street. You either like their crust, or you don't ... you'll have to try it once to see what I'm taking about -- but they serve quite a few things besides pizza (pasta, wings, subs, salads, etc.)

        B&B Main Street Cafe, Main Street. They used to have live music on some nights, no idea if that's still happening.

        Kountry Kitchen, in the Dutch Village Market (aka 'the Amish Market') in the shopping center at Old Marlboro Pike and Brown Station Road. (there's also tables if you want to get food from any of the other vendors -- ribs, chicken, pizza, pretzels, bakery, etc -- and sit down.) Unfortunately, the market's only open Thurs noon-6pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm)

        Peachez, in the shopping center w/ the amish market. I have no idea what they serve, but they're the first restaurant in that location that I can remember that didn't fold in 6 months.

        Joe's Pizza & Subs (see Kitchen No1, above); pizza, subs, various fried seafood items (fish & chips, shrimp baskets, etc.)

        Grizzly's, in the Marlton Shopping Center (a few miles south on 301 at Fairhaven Ave). Had pizza & pub food the last time I was there (it's been a few years)

        Joe's Pizza
        5735 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

        Kitchen No 1
        5739 Crain Hwy, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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          I found out (too late) that the BBQ Showdown was being held at Watkin's Park ... I thought I had remembered it being at the PG Equestrian Center last year, which is just outside of the Town of Upper Marlboro.

          Unfortunately, what people call "Upper Marlboro" is the census designated place of "Greater Upper Marlboro" or the "Upper Marlboro Postal Region". I've heard people say that the PG Community College is in Upper Marlboro (it's blatantly in Largo, as is the Cap Centre). Watkins Park is in Kettering -- it's about 6 miles northwest of the Town of Upper Marlboro.

          I live in the Town of Upper Marlboro, and although I pass through Kettering on my way to work, I have no idea what good restaurants are in the area.

        2. We have been to Old Towne Inn in Upper Marlboro a couple of times. So far it appears to be a stand out restaurant....seafood...steaks...salads etc. I would not say it is aiming for super fine dining but then nothing in the Upper Marlboro area really is. Most restaurants in the vicinity are burger, bbq, pizza, diner type restaurants...nothing to scream and shout about. Quite frankly...except for a few stand out places...dining in PG county is a wasteland. One has to drive forever up or down 301 to get to any decent BBQ, Chinese, burgers etc...or out to Dunkirk, MD for some dining opportunities.

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            Negril in Mitchellville Plaza serves up the real deal Caribbean food. Also Levi's serves some of the best Soul Food in the entire DMV outside of those picks its all chain resturants