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May 31, 2010 04:15 PM

Pickering Ribfest this weekend (June 4-6)

Pickering kicks off the Ribfest season for the third year in a row. Nice location, convenient parking, always well attended.

Website includes a $3 off a full rack, coupon valid on Friday only. Surprised to not see Buster Rhino listed here (they were at Oshawa last year).

Buster Rhino's
2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

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  1. Buster Rhino's was at the Oshawa one last year??? I didn't see them there. Not it really matters to me because I tried Buster Rhino's and didn't like it. His ribs are probably the most different at the ribfest because if I recall correctly, it's pure dry rub.

    Buster Rhino's
    2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

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    1. re: C mac

      Yes they were. They weren't in the main line of ribber trucks along the side, they had a tent in the "infield" area. I think they were directly across the courtyard from Gator BBQ's truck.

    2. Hopefully Etobicoke or Mississauga is coming soon :)

      Brampton one just passed last weekend and it was awful, nothing but local chains like Turtle Jacks and Crabby Joe's

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      1. re: duckdown

        You can get a list of the Rotary fests here:

        Note that not every ribfest in Southern Ontario is run by Rotary. One that isn't, and is great if you don't mind a bit of a drive to get away from crowds, is the one in Uxbridge:

        I like this one because instead of the same pushy snake-oil salesman that tour with Rotary (see below), Uxbridge features a farmers' market with local produce at reasonable prices.

        Worth noting that there won't be a Markham fest this year. They used to be my favorite (nice location, lots of tables, ample parking, and lots of ribbers show up) but when they started to charge $10 admission and then force you to walk by all the pushy snake-oil salesmen before you get to the food (they strategically put a fence up so you can't bypass the snake-oil), i stopped going.

        If anybody in charge at Markham is reading this, you now know why you were suffering the last 2 years. Look at the other fests -- they don't charge admission and they usually have a way to get to the food without having some guy try to sell you credit cards, long distance, mobile phones, etc.... At Pickering this weekend, I'll park at the mall in front of the Sears, cross the street, and go straight to Camp 31.

        1. re: TexSquared

          Any recommendations for pulled pork, Tex...or maybe I should just observe for awhile and choose an authentic one.

          1. re: jayt90

            I'm loyal to Camp 31... mostly because they're from Alabama as is my wife (who also prefers them over the others). I don't bother with the full racks at Ribfest since they're a ripoff ($20?), I just get the pulled pork sandwiches, eat one there and take 2 home for later.... mucb better value.

            Some ribfests allow the vendors to sell styrofoam tubs of pulled pork meat (I know the one in Oshawa does, I don't think Pickering does), if they do I'll just buy 2 pounds and take it home rather than bother with the cheap rolls they use.

        2. re: duckdown

          yeah I checked the calender and noticed the Brampton one just passed. I was really upset because I didn't know about it and missed it. Then I saw the ribber's and had the same reaction as you duckdown.