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May 31, 2010 02:51 PM


Hey all. I am venturing into Highland Park for the first time tonight. I am looking for great places to eat/drink with great design, as well. So far online, Good Girl Dinette & Cafe de Leche for coffee look like my kind of thing. Not looking for any ma and pa places (this time) Sleek and contemporary, rustic & dimly lit, or industrial... all types of places I like. As far as type of food, it just has to be really good. :) I'd appreciate any help. I'm not sure if Highland Park is the right area for this but I do want to explore it. Thanks!!!!!!!

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    1. The York, Good Girl Dinette and Cafe de Leche are pretty much your only choices for restaurants with actual design and good food in Highland Park. There are several other worthy places in the vicinity, such as My Taco for food and Verdugo Bar and Eagle Rock Brewery for drinking.

      My Taco
      6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

      The Verdugo Bar
      3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

      Good Girl Dinette
      110 North Avenue 56, Los Angeles, CA 90042

      Eagle Rock Brewery
      3056 Roswell St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

      1. I know this post is old at this point, but it sounds to me like you're looking for the 2013 version of Highland Park. This is still very much an "emerging market."

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          But while we're at it...
          Neither Verdugo Bar nor Eagle Rock Brewery are in Highland Park. BOTH are in Glassell Park, and both are about 10 minutes from H.P. proper. Still NELA, but NOT Highland Park.

          Are you specifically looking for gen-x/trendie (of which 2 of the 3 above qualify)? While Good Girl Dinette is decent, I wouldn't call it a triumph of design. It's bare, spare and loud - even when not crowded. The York is more than okay, especially if you're looking for a Westside vibe on the Eastside. Finally, The Verdugo Bar is... a bar. A good beer selection, but... it's a bar. Which happens to be located on a somewhat dicey street. I think Mr. T's can be more of a trip. Or fun. It depends on your point of view.

          There are certainly more and better options for good food than suggested above:

          Folliero's (Pizza - One of the best in L.A. And the room's not bad)
          Chico's (wonderful Mexican in a quaint small atmosphere)
          Huarache Azteca (destination Mexican for many)
          Marty's Bar (upscale from the owner of Mia Sushi)
          Metro Banderas (on weekends for exotic carnitas)
          La Abeja (Mexican standby - new ownership)
          Via Mar (Mexican seafood patio. Quite good - maybe even surpassing Senior Fish)
          La Estrella (Mexican taco & burrito patio stand)
          Cinnamon Vegeterian
          Las Cazuelas (Salvadorean)
          My Taco - (a strong second on great barbacoa)
          Arroyo Seco Golf Course (esp. weekends - fun brunch, great burgers)
          Not to mention a slew of other great Mexican restaurants on York and Figueroa.

          So much for the only choices in Highland Park.

          La Abeja
          3700 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

          The Verdugo Bar
          3408 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065

          Good Girl Dinette
          110 North Avenue 56, Los Angeles, CA 90042

          La Estrella Restaurant
          940 S Lorena St, Los Angeles, CA 90023

          Mia Sushi
          4741 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

          Senior Fish Inc.
          910 Hamilton Rd, Duarte, CA 91010

          Eagle Rock Brewery
          3056 Roswell St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

          1. re: Briggs

            Great list Briggs (I did a double-take at the idea that HP only has 3 restaurants; a ridiculous claim regardless of what kind of qualifier you put on it).

            I don't have much to add except for these three:

            *My Taco: the barbacoa is as good as advertised. Generally, I think the small order is more than fine unless you're sharing or have a huge appetite. Just be prepared to pay 50 cents for extra tortillas...maybe I just make mine too small but when I'm wrapping barbacoa tacos on my own, I always run out. That said, it's one of the best dishes I've ever had in LA and no one I know who has tried it has debated that point.

            *York: It's "ok" for a Westside-style gastropub but really, I didn't find anything my wife and I had there to be remarkable.

            *Verdugo Bar: Yeah, definitely not HP but rather, GP. They don't serve food BUT haute trucks have been in the habit of posting up there in the evenings so it is possible to get food. But while I think it's a cool bar, it's not really where you'd go for a meal.