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May 31, 2010 12:24 PM


We recently dined at Sonata. All in all it was very good. The atmosphere and service are outstanding. Unlike most byobs the room is not overcrowded with tables. We had plenty of space around us and could hold a conversation at normal levels even when the room was full.
We were warmly greeted and the service remained excellent throughout the evening.

We were given lovely large herbed rolls with olive oil for dipping. They must have been house made.

My husband is gluten intolerant and the server presented him with a printed gluten free menu. For apps we ordered potato leek soup, gumbo, lobster crepes and pork belly. All were beautifully presented and excellent. In particular, the pork belly was outstanding.

For entrees we had the stuffed chicken and potato wrapped black cod. Both were good, one diner felt that the chicken was a tad overcooked. The cod was terrific.

For dessert we all had the chocolate fantasy which consisted of a chipwitch, warm chocolate beignet and chocolate tart. Wow -

After dessert we were given homemade chocolate covered salt caramels. The best I have had in a long time.

They offer a $32 three course special on Sundays and Wednesdays.

We will happily return to dine at Sonata again. This could be our frequent go to place except for one flaw. Most of the dishes were very rich. The chef is not shy with cream and butter.
All in our party felt that we would prefer a lighter presentation for most items in the menu.

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  1. I completely agree with your review. I've been twice in the last 2 months and had wonderful experiences. I strongely recommend taking advantage of the $32 prix fix meal deal. I enjoyed the appies, entrees, and especially the desserts. The fois gras appie is one of my favorites and the chicken entree is great.

    I hope this restaurant does well since there's so much competition with Bar Ferdinand, Mdo Mio, and all of the various Piazza restaurants. It's a little jem!

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      there may be a lot of other restos, but other than modo mio (FWIW, i haven't been to koo zee doo yet but i hear they're great as well) there aren't any places in sonata's league. PYT i find hit-or-miss, swift half is fine for drinking but not really worth your food dollars, and sorry to say, that appolinaire (sp?) place is just overpriced crap, as was its predecessor. though darling's diner has recently been pretty tasty at 4am. best thing about the piazza, IMHO, is the weekend farmers market. which i haven't seen talked about much here! anyone been? there's a really good coffee roaster, big sky bakery (amazing rye bread - they're also at the south st farmers market), and a ton of produce and dairy farm offerings. it's largely replaced my need for shopping at an actual store for groceries. sorry, didn't mean to get all off-track there. yeah. sonata is great. no amount of miles on the treadmill will compensate for that lobster mac and cheese, but it sure is delicious. service and ambiance is awesome as well. i know it's a tiny menu to start, but the only complaint from my group was the lack of vegetarian selections and the price of the one pick. still, i definitely need to get back there soon.

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        Don't know that your comparing apples to apples. Sonatas competition in NoLibs is other BYO restos. That would include Modo Mio, Il Cantuccio, Dmitris and KooZeeDoo. Though I thouroughly enjoy Sonata and would agree that it is underappreciated, all of these other BYOs are certainly not "out of their league".

        1. re: Nigeltab

          comparing the location of apples. :) i would argue ANY resto in the area is competition: i live nearby, and when i'm heading out for a bite, i consider all my options, from takeout pizza to fine dining BYOB - i tend to compare on levels of deliciousness, not type of restaurant. often i don't figure it out til i'm on their doorstep. i'm sure it's different for those coming to NL as a destination from elsewhere, but for neighborhood eats it rates high on my list along with modo mio, tiffin and ...trios trattoria (the square tomato pie only, with extra sauce), which maybe be BYOB but certainly not upscale. :)

          how's dmitris? haven't been there yet, honestly i keep forgetting it's there. i also keep meaning to pay a visit to lafayette bistro at 5th and fairmount, a little BYOB which is never crowded... often empty, even. many times i see the workers sitting forlornly on the front stoop.