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May 31, 2010 11:26 AM

Looking for eggs with "orange" yolks

Every time I go to Italy I notice that egg yolks have a darker yellow/orange color compared to the eggs that we get here. I also notice that when my girlfriend ind and I try to replicate some italian baking recipes the result is almost always very disappointing even if we use the same 00 flour, leavener, etc. Buford wrote that Batali adds more yolks in the pasta dough to get something closer to what you have in Italy. My impression is that most farms here give chickens a very different diet, and this shows in the different yolk color. In summary: does anyone know a local farm selling eggs with this orange yolk?

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  1. You want eggs raised on pasture (note that this is different from free range - the chickens should spend most of their time on the grass). The wild grasses and insects they get in their diet leads to a richer, darker, and more flavorful yolk. Here are two sources for pastured eggs in SF. Both have orange yolks (though the depth of hue does vary seasonally).

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      yes, the eggs I get in my CSA box have yolks that I would describe as orange. they are from pastured chickens. I love those eggs, but alas, don't think they are available in the bay area...

    2. Most of the eggs I buy at the farmers market have orange yolks. Varies somewhat seasonally.

      1. Soul Food Farm eggs have great bright orange yolks.
        Available at Prather inside the ferry building, at Magnani on Hopkins in Berkeley and at several Farmers Markets as well.

        Soul Food Farm
        6046 Pleasants Valley Rd, Vacaville, CA 95688