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May 31, 2010 11:09 AM

Towpath: Hackney (london)

My husband walks past this little gem on Regents canal daily, so we stopped in on Friday evening for a drink, some olives and nibbles. For about £10 we each had a glass of a very nice Italian red wine, some fresh green olives, Spanish omelet and some toast with fresh cheese and tomatoes. It is a really charming little cafe. It is located directly on the canal south of the intersection with Kingsland Road. I intend to frequent it plenty.

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  1. yeah this place is great, we've been there a few times for breakfast or lunch. the food is so well made

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    1. re: t_g

      This sounds just great and i will certainly give it a try.Thanks for the rec!

      1. re: guyboxer

        I've heard good things about this place; I must try it out!

        1. re: Nii

          yeah, towpath is lovely, quite one of the nicest places in London. Was last there for the party they threw to mark the end of the native oyster season, my best eating of recent memory.

    2. Gets an excellent write-up in the current edition of Fork magazine.