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May 31, 2010 10:37 AM

We'll Be In Andalusia With A Car. Any Suggestions?

We're going to be spending a week going all over Andalusia in July. We have two nights in Malaga, one in Ronda, two in Granada and two in Sevilla. But we do have a car, so I was looking for suggestions for spectacular food.

I like traditional Spanish food, though I'll pass on the rabbit and the offal. Other than that, anything is fair game.

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  1. We have a holiday home in Ronda. Lots of great choices. Some of the best food is served at these small inns. We also think the Hotel Bandelero restaurant in Juzcar, 25 minutes from Ronda, is worth a visit. In Sevilla, we like Taberna del Alabardero.

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      Thank you. Some of the hotels in that link you sent look amazing. We are staying at the Ronda Parador, but the pricing is similar to the hotels. Perhaps next time we'll try one of those.

    2. Recommended tapas bars:
      In Seville: Bar Eslava, Calle Eslava.
      In Ronda: El Grifo, Calle Los Remedios.
      In Malaga: El Pimpi, Calle Granada.
      In Granada: Bar Reca, Plaza de la Trinidad.

      1. Agree on Taberna de Alabardero in Sevilla:

        Another very good restaurant in Sevilla is Oriza <expensive>: