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May 31, 2010 09:52 AM

It's Summer - Jfood Visits Westfair Fish and Chips (Westport, CT)

Westfair Fish and Chips is now celebrating twenty-five years as one of the best ‘Chippers’ (fish-‘n- chip shops) in Connecticut.

Upon entering the cozy dining area, you can choose to order from one of the two menus. The wooden board on one side of the dining room describes the traditional menu, while the ‘specials’ are hand written on the board over the counter. Orders are placed at the counter and customers wait until called. This is a very no-frills establishment with paper plates, styrofoam, plastic containers and plastic utensils. Sodas and drinks are self-served from the refrigerator.

Jfood usually starts with their New England clam chowder. The broth offers a nice balance between the richness of the clam liquor and the mildness of a hint of cream. The clams are sweet and plump and the addition of celery, red potatoes and plenty of fresh spices make this a wonderful clam chowder.

The fish ‘n chips consist of perfectly deep fried Cod. The crust has a great consistency and flavor and has a different coating than many of their other fried choices.

Jfood also loves their whole belly fried clams The whole bellies contain that great clam liquor that bursts in your mouth and the crispiness of the coating adds the desired crunchiness.

It is unusual to find one of Jfood's favorite mollusks, sea scallops, breaded and then plunged into hot oil. But the result at Westfair is close to perfection.

Another dish that Jfood thoroughly enjoys at Westfair is the fried shrimp. The 20-25 size shrimp are the ideal size versus the smaller popcorn shrimp served elsewhere.

Other items on the menu include fried oysters and squid and most of the fish selections are available as a platter, a side dish or a roll. Likewise most of the fish and seafood can be broiled. The side choices include cole slaw, potato salad and macaroni salad and each is made on the premises.

Westfair is now celebrating twenty-five years as one of the best Chippers in Connecticut and is worth a visit from near or far.

Full review on:

Westfair Fish & Chips
1781 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880

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  1. I was sadly disappointed by our visit on Saturday around 3PM to Westfair. My mouth was salivating after reading the reviews and seeing the pics on CTBites. We dined in. My sister's fried sea scallops were great--perfectly cooked and tasted like scallops should, like the sea. I thought the fish n chips was mediocre at best--our cod was quite overcooked and hard to cut into in order to share between two children. And the tartar sauce was so full of relish, it was nearly impossible to dip. I loved the coleslaw and macaroni salad. I asked the very friendly counter guy if the bellies were running large, and he didn't know, so he asked the back who said "medium to large." I thought they were small and not sweet at all, almost like steamers with coating--but I know that isn't their fault--it's whatever comes from the sea, you never know how sweet and briney they may be. The fries and onion rings were awesome. People near us ordered the lobster roll that looked incredible, and I was wishing I got that. And I noticed several patrons ordered the soup and bisque, so it must truly be great. I'm not bashing them, but I just didn't think it was superb enough to drive a distance to get to--at least not for their namesake, fish and chips. The battered fish at Ubertis in Stratford is much much better, but see Ubertis "chips" are not great, so you can't win sometimes.

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    1. re: cheereeo

      to each his own, I guess. I love the tartar sauce at Westfair, and have never found the fish to be overcooked.

      1. re: cheereeo

        So jfood understands:

        - loved the scallops
        - loved the cole slaw
        - loved the mac salad
        - fires were awesome
        - onion rings were awesome
        - lobster roll looked incredible
        - soups looked great
        - fried clams were as described

        -fish was overcooked
        -too much relish in the tartar sauce so could not dip. Jfood agrees with that assessment, he should have mentioned that it is a tough-dip sauce. Did you like the flavor though?

        and that equals sadly disappointed.

        Jfood has no dog in the hunt but why did you not approach the "very friendly" counter guy to recook the fish? Everything was great or awesome but one dish. Seems like this should have been an easy fix.

        Jfood was curious when he started your post and surprised as he read. But he has to try Ubertis now in Stratford. Thanks for that recommendation.

        1. re: jfood

          Maybe I should have chosen my words more carefully. It's just that my mouth was watering, and you know how if you have your heart set on something being so incredible, it can be such a letdown when it isn't what you were expecting. I hope it didn't sound like I was bashing them, which was why I pointed out the positives during our visit. (The fish and chips was for my two restless kids, so I wouldn't have wanted to wait another 20 minutes for them to try to refry the order.)

          1. re: cheereeo

            Thanks C and Gotcha. Sorta like having an incredible dish at a restaurant the first time and then getting a not so good version the second time. It's a WTF moment.

        2. re: cheereeo

          Here's what happened the last three times I've been there after reading cbites piece by the Foods -- J and Road.

          1. A Friday couple of weeks ago about noon -- ordered clam chowder, wasn't ready yet. "Friendly Counter Guy" said they had a run on it the night before. Come back in about 45 minutes. Famished, I decided to opt for the RB at the Dugout on the corner a couple of blocks up Post Road. Then topped it off with glazed donut at Coffee An Donuts. Not bad subsitute.

          2. Last Saturday night around 6:00 -- looking a pre=movie taste treat. Westfair was packed (parking a mess) and one customer told me 1/2 hour wait. Went to Stamford to hit Sandella's. Street closed for Battle of Bands and all the Bedord joints brimming. Dinner became popcorn and coke at the Avon. Consolation they do have the best theatre popcorn in FFC.

          3. Monday made a lunch run to Westfair. At 12:30 ordered NE clam chowder and fried clam bellies. Like a broken record, the FCG says they had a run on the Chowder yesterday and wouldn't be ready for awhile. Seeing my visible disappointment he recommended the seafood chowder. Just as good he said. So settled for it. Was absolutely delicious, perfectly seasoned, not overly potatoed, and well worth the trip. The fried bellies were precisely as described in the above posts. Perfectly fried coating, small and relatively tasteless bellies, too thick tartar.

          Next time I may go for the fried oysters or the scallops. That batter was Cooperstown good.

          1. re: louuuuu

            You get an A+ for persistence and with a 1 for 3 you have a chance to make cooperstown.

            1. re: jfood

              How does the Fish and Chips compare to Royal Guard in Stamford? Granted their shrimp and scallops are small and frozen when included in the Fisherman's Platter but I think their cod and haddock with chips are great. They also have good belly clams as a special when in season. I guess I'm asking is it worth the trip to exit 19?