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May 31, 2010 08:57 AM

Noi Due Review

O.K. Though I had hoped to get menu recommendations for Noi Due (translation: "The Two of Us") before our visit, we were on our own. I thought I'd do my part for anyone else that might be interested. We arrived there at about 6 pm yesterday (Sunday) evening, and the place was hopping. We were greeted by a very pleasant hostess, and shown to our table about 2 minutes later. I think it was easier to get seating, as we were only two people. As we ate, the line for tables grew.
The waiter was very pleasant, (though maybe a little overly enthusiastic).
We ordered the stuffed (with feta cheese) mushroom appetizer, topped with a delicious tomato sauce, and the Spinach and Fruit Salad to start. Both were really good.
For our mains, we got the eggplant parmagian and the sole francais, and really enjoyed those both as well. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the asparagus, which was the side dish for the fish that was listed on the menu, but the mixed vegetable substitution was o.k. The other side of mashed potatoes topped with crispy fried onions, was delicious.
We ended with the triple chocolate mousse cake and the Mozart Mousse cake for dessert, and would recommend both choices.
The service was excellent. We requested that the waiter not rush the meal, so that we could have time to enjoy our appetizers before the mains arrived. He managed to do that, and still bring our mains hot but not overdone. Our water glasses were refilled often.
All in all, the restaurant was attractive, and the food, presentation, and service were very good to excellent. The place did have a lively vibe, and the noise level might be a little much under some circumstances, but all in all it's a place I would highly recommend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I remember going there with my then three-month old and the noise level fortunately alleviated my concerns that an infant might start crying. I'm actually thankful for that.

    What did you think about portion sizes? My parents were there last week and said they were "elephant sized."

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      I thought that they gave nice sized portions. I wouldn't describe them as "elephant sized", but certainly not lacking.

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        Maybe it's in comparison to the portions given where they live -- in South Florida. I guess us New Yorkers can't complain :)