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May 31, 2010 08:52 AM

Madrid Question

I always like to have one nice meal in Madrid as it is usually my last stop in Europe before I fly home. Places like La Terraza, Zalacain, etc. are a little fancy for me and I don't have much interest in places like Combarro or Botin which are mainly just one type of food (i.e., only fish or suckling pig). Over the years I have been to and really enjoyed the following places, all of which have been recommended here:


Any other suggestions for new places to try that are somewhat similar in food/category?

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    1. re: JuanDoe

      Just back from Madrid this past Tuesday. We had one nice dinner last Sat. night and it was at Arce, at PBSF's recommendation. It's more of an old world, traditional restaurant, but we loved it. We loved the fact that the owner/chef came out and sat down at our table and developed the menu for us (in broken english and very broken spanish), starting with how hungry are you, down to specific likes and dislikes. Every course was delicious, the service was gracious and the price was about $100 p.p. with 5 courses and different wines with each course. We even considered going back a second night!