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May 31, 2010 08:30 AM

Very spicy food in Tokyo

I love spicy food and am headed to Tokyo shortly. I am looking for suggestions for very spicy food. I love authentic Hunan and Sichuan food and if I could find some genuine places in Tokyo that would be great. My past experience is that Chinese, Thai and Indian places significantly reduce the heat of their dishes in Tokyo.

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  1. Have you thought about Chen Kenichi, the Iron Chef's restaurants in Tokyo. I belive he has 3.I will be travelling to Tokyo myself in 2 weeks and was considering going to one of his restaurants. But it would be interesting to hear from locals or Tokyo regulars.

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    1. re: lkomar

      Most of the ethnic food here is dulled down for Japanese tastes...

    2. If you do a search I was asking about spicy noodles a few months ago. A ramen place was recommended (which I haven't tried yet!) Have been here for three years and I find everything here is frustratingly dulled down so if you find somewhere on your trip here, please share!

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        Yoshimura-ya in yokohama, an iekei style ramen shop, has a pretty spicy red pepper paste to add to your noodles. Most other ramen shops in this style will also have the same, or similar, red peppers.

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          The ramen place was Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto ( They've got branches all over Tokyo, and the Hokkyoku Ramen is pretty firey.

        2. Googling brings up a list of what is apparently the spiciest foods in Tokyo here:

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            I'm not doubting the spiciness of that stuff, but an AKB48-themed show?

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              Thanks for posting this! Might have to check out a couple of these places as I'm often in Sakuragaokacho in Shibuya. I generally don't really like it when they just throw spices into something that's not supposed to be spicy for a gimmick, though, but I suppose those kinds of things would get on TV!