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May 31, 2010 07:31 AM

Edmonton - Lingonberries

Anyone have any idea where I can get some fresh, frozen or even partially processed?


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  1. I checked Alberta Ag's site and I don't see any local producers listed unless they're using the term wild cranberry instead of lowbush cranberry. Apparently most lingonberries aren't cultivated but wild. Lingonberries go by a bunch of common names - this info is dated but still helpful in that respect:

    I know Ikea sells Lingonberry products - jam/sauce, but that's probably more processed than you were looking for.

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      As someone who worked at IKEA back in the day I would suggest a visit just for a look. They did have an assorment of lingonberry products, but like many things, they would come and go at seemingly random times.

    2. I remember seeing them at one of the farmers' markets -- I think downtown. But only for one week.

      You may want to check the alta gov web site for market gardens, they show what is in season at the u pick places.

      1. Superstore has them under the PC Brand. Not bad in quality. Processed.

        If you have a German Deli up there, check if they carry a brand called DARBO. I found them here in YYC at this place and they are excellent.

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          PC Brand Lingonberries ? Really!? Frozen or? Ah, answering my own question - sauce:

        2. Thanks all. Going to make sedish meatballs with the sauce.

          1. You could have come to Saskatchewan or went to northern Alberta sometime in the last month and picked them or paid a hilarious 35 bucks for an ice cream pail of them.