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May 31, 2010 07:29 AM

Warm & intimate coffee shop/wine bar/restaurant in Midtown or Village to reconnect with an old boyfriend

We've got one day at the end of June! If it's not too hot or raining, the park is the obvious choice. Looking to establish plan B. Imagining big comfy chairs/sofas to meet and hang out for as long as we want without spending a fortune ordering or being hurried. My love life thanks you!

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  1. if by "park" you mean Central Park, try Shalel on 70th between CPW and Columbus. it's easily one of the more romantic places i've been. be mindful of the time of day though. i like to go there earlier than later, as i fear it could turn into a make-out fest later. they have a grilled cheese dish that tops any greek attempt i've had.

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      Thanks, Coasts .. too bad they don't open until 5pm and I'm looking for a daytime place. Yes, Central Park. my hotel is not far away.