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May 31, 2010 05:43 AM

For the Love of Cake - East Liberty Street

So, I'm making my way across the GTA to sample cupcakes. Has anyone tried this place yet? Comments?

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  1. quite possibly the best and moistest cupcakes ever

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    1. re: ingloriouseater

      Thanks for the comment. I was wondering how this place was because it is posted on Groupon today.

      You might have to sign up to their newsletter to see the deal but it is pay $7 and get 6 cupcakes (needs to be in-stocks cupcakes, not special orders). Voucher expires in one year. Going to pick one up based on your comment. Sounds yummy!

      1. re: ylsf

        Me too, I got the email and will buy the groupon. Thanks for the feedback inglorious eater.

    2. We had For the Love of Cake's cupcakes at our wedding reception (Red Velvet and Lemon Meringue) and they were a unanimous hit.

      After seeing his wife's reaction to her first bite, one of my friends turned to me and said "I've never given her an orgasm half as good as that cupcake just did."

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      1. re: grah7830

        Glad to hear they are that good. I bought 2 groupons! Not sure about the mancake flavors, but definitely will try the lemon, tiramisu, etc.

        LOL on your last paragraph!

        1. re: grah7830

          Got the groupon as well... looking forward to trying these! Will report back on flavours (though probably not for a little while... ). My fiance has already claimed 3 of my 6 for mancakes :)

        2. Oh! My! Goodness!!! Tried the 'Caramel Apple' cupcake last Thursday, and it was absolutely incredible. A small chunk of caramel on top of lovely icing, chunks of apple throughout and some sort of caramel filling. My brain melted a little from sheer bliss. They're more like muffins than cupcakes, yet regardless they are scrumptious. They don't make them every day, so call 'For The Love of Cake' to set some aside. Allegedly their 'Pumpkin Pie' cupcakes are even better ... I can't imagine!

          1. I sampled 2 cupcakes at my cousin's wedding. One was red velvet with chocolate filling and the other was some coconut cupcake. I thought they were both disgusting. Cupcakes were ridiculously greasy, maybe thats why it was so moist on the bottom. We set the cupcakes down on the table, and when we picked them up, it left 2 grease stains on the table cloth. As i said, the bottom of the cupcake was moist but the top part was so dry that it crumbled. Worst was their buttercream/icing. I like my buttercream light and fluffy and smooth. Theirs was grainy and hard. Absolutely the worst cupcakes i've ever eaten.

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            1. re: PrincessStress

              I have to agree. Their cupcakes lack finesse and are truly very sloppy. I don't think they are very good at all. You can't just throw anything into a cupcake batter an expect it to taste good. But personally I don't really like cupcakes. I have tried them everywhere as well.from NYC's best to LA. I just think cupcakes suck period and If I get another dry chocolate one I may just have to throw something. The only thing cupcakes have going for them is nostalgia. Otherwise, I would take most well done french pastries over a cupcake any day.