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Help- Parents 50th anniversary Party- Aug 20th- looking for a waterfront location. All suggestions welcome!!

In the process of planning parents 50th anniversary Party on Aug 20th. One of there favourite hobbies still is dancing...so anywhre wiht a dance floor would be a bonus.

Looking for a waterfront location that has good atmosphere, good food & service.

Suggestions so far is Bluffers Restaurant- a dated restaruant that looks like it is stuck in the 80's. Tacky decor is not attractive but it's never looks busy so it may an option if all else fails.

Palais Royale perhaps?

All suggestions & recommendations welcome- thank you

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  1. How about the Balmy Beach Club - they've just re-done their 'Great Hall', or the Argonauts Rowing Club? Both are on the water, with patios overlooking the water.

    The BBC has thier own caterer that you must use - not sure about the Rowing Club

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      I think the Balmy Beach Club is an excellent suggestion.

      I was there on Friday night for a fund raiser. The deck overlooking the beach and water is wonderful. The set up on Friday night allowed for dancing with the tables on the sides and dance floor in the middle.

      I can`t comment on the food as there was only party sandwiches and dips served.

    2. Not waterfront exactly, but with great views of the water - Canoe (great food and service) and CN tower 360 (great view, so so food, so so service).

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        If you're going to look at the BBC, do it soon - it books up really fast!!

      2. How many guests are you looking to have?

        I agree with the recommendation for the Balmy Beach Club. I know that it used to be the "place to go" for dancing about 60 years ago... so if your parents grew up in the city, they might have gone there themselves.

        Another option might be the Boulevard Club on Lakeshore Blvd.. I attended a wedding there last year, which was lovely. I am not sure about whether or not you can use your own caterer, but may be worth considering.

        good luck!

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          Also the Sailing and Canoe club is available for events. It is tucked down on the water east of the Boulevard Club. It's smaller and more casual than the Boulevard Club.


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            Appreciate all the great suggestions from everyone; will check it out! Balmy Beach Club, Boulevard Club, Canoe Club ...all sound promising. Even Canoe though not waterfront may be an option- as I agree bout the great service.

            Can anyone had an event at Palais Royale there? Would love to hear back from anyone who has...please be honest with your critque.

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              I've been to a wedding at the Palais Royale. I love the space and the feeling, the food, not so much so. There are many other better options to consider.

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                Thanks JennaBean; if you have any suggestions as to alternatives; all is welcome.

          2. re: AJMC791

            Around 25-35 guests....great suggestions re: Balmy Beach Club & Boulevard Club; thank you...will check it out.

          3. How about the Legion on the Lakeshore in the West End? They have a beautiful patio overlooking the lake and a downstairs function room.

            Lakeshore Restaurant
            2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

            1. Have you thought about going over to the island? There's always something magical about a ferry ride, and this restaurant and it's lakeside patio are lovely.


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                Great idea bout going to the Islands but logistics may be factor due to mobility of elderly relatives. Need to check out Rectory Cafe though..looks really charming.

              2. Casa Mendoza in Etobicoke has an amazing patio with a stunning view of the cityscape, and their man at the piano bar is always fun. Decent Portuguese cuisine.

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                1. re: childofthestorm

                  Sounds really charming- I'll check it out; thank you.

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                    I agree completely with childofthestorm - Casa Mendoza's patio is excellent. We've had some hugely memorable nights there, but unfortunately the food did not factor into any of our happy memories. It was awful. The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are lovely, but the food is not good. To call it 'decent ' is kind. To call it mediocre is generous. It is really bad.

                    I've been there several times and my most recent visit was last summer where we had nice white wine & cold, rubbery calamari on a summer afternoon.

                    It may have improved - I hope so. I really do. But please make sure you try out the food before you commit to a party.

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                      Jane T; thanks for your great comments. WIll definitely try out the food before any commitments are made for party.

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                        Maybe one of the nicest waterfront patios in the entire GTA but the food is beyond bad. It's bloody awful.

                    2. The Beaches Lions clubhouse is available for rent, right on the water and surrounded by parkland, but you'd have to hire a caterer. It's near Coxwell & Lakeshore.

                      Lakeshore Restaurant
                      2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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                        Thanks for the suggstion re: Beaches Lion Club but we are looking for an "all inclusive" restaruant complete with catering, staff, etc.

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                          I briefly looked googled "Waterside Inn"- the website menu looks good. Did you attend a function there? Any food comments?

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                            The food is really solid, not too innovative but selections for all, i have seen very nice parties and weddings in the ballroom with a terrace facing the lake and the restaurant faces the harbour on 2 sides with a patio on the north side....frette linens and a deep wine cellar....

                        2. The Pearl Restaurant and Watermark down at the Harbourfront center both offer good food and service. Also an easy place for everyone to get to etc. 50th anniversary dim-sum party?

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                            Charming idea re: 50th anniversary dim-sum party..we'll keep in mind, thank you Grizzlyman