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Shake Shack UWS

I'll finally get to have lunch here tomorrow and I want to order the best burger they have.

Is the Shack Stack the way to go, or just a regular Shackburger?


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  1. honestly, the Shack Stack is good, but it's a bit overwhelming. the fried mushroom is gigantic and super-cheesy. i've had it once, yet eat there often. for me, i prefer their cheeseburger over the shackburger, but only because i'm attached to ketchup.

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      i would suggest ordering a double burger (cheese is fine if you really blike it) with shack sauce, lettuce and tomatoes. i agree with coasts. don't pile too much on top.

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        I believe the regular shack burger is the purest expression of shake shack, the shack stack however is where stoner's dreams come true....

    2. Double Shackburger for the best balance of beef, bread, and condiments. Myself, I usually get a triple.

      1. Agree, the Shack Burger double with everything is the way to go,

        1. I like the double stack (shack stack is just way too large). But for a first-timer, I think the shack double is the best thing to order. I agree with meatme that the double has the best balance. The single tastes a bit bread-heavy. And the cheesy deep-fried portobello mushroom can detract from the meat.

          1. Shackburger with everything. Skip the fries because they suck. The only reason I say not to double down is that its lunch and tomorrow's going to be hot, so save those burger calories for a shake!


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              No don't skip the fries! Get them smothered in cheese sauce. Theirs is homemade and very good on those fries.

              Would recommend shackburger (single) + cheese fries + root beer, followed by a shake or concrete for dessert. (Unless you are the kind of person who can wash down a burger with a shake...)

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                I also love those fries, with or without cheese. I know there are people who hate them w/ passion though.

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                  I think the problem with the fries is not the fries themselves or whether they are frozen or fresh but simply whether they are hot or cold. When they slide you your tray, taste a fry, if they are not hot ask for an order of hot ones. the counterpeople are always very nice about replacing them...I think when the fries are served hot they are very good...love the crinkle cut....

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                    Some people just don't like that type of fries - I'm with you, I'm a fan of crinkle-cut fries.

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                      For me, I don't think it's the crinkle cut factor. I think it's the type of potatoes they use. I prefer my fries with Idahos because they tend to be fluffier. SS's fries are made from yukon golds which are creamier. I love yukon golds for potato preps like mashed potatoes or tortilla espanol or roasted potatoes. But for fries, Idahos taste the best for me.

            2. I ended up getting a double shack burger with the works and extra sauce, an order of cheese fries, and a large root beer on tap. Then I walked a few blocks and had a Levain cookie for dessert. Tyvm for all your thoughts, they really helped.

              Quick review - Great burger, perfect ratio of meat to bun and toppings, great cheese sauce on decent, not great, fries and I will go back soon for a shake.

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                Welcome to the UWS!!!! Thanks for reporting back!

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                  Don't forget to try a concrete one afternoon as a snack, too!

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                    im visiting NYC for the Fancy Food Show and shake shack is on my list. Thanks for the explanations on what to order. Cant wait to try this place. Read a lot about it.

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                      after you get your food, walk straight over to the park and get on the path and turn right. as you walk along the path, you'll find a lot of patches of grass under trees along the pond that are so nice to eat a meal at.

                      had the lebrat james yesterday which is a cheese stuffed brat with jalapeno spiced onions. delicious. and the burgers continue to be my favorite in the city. the fries, while not like mcd's are growing on me.

                2. I live right around the corner from the UWS location, and I'm a fan of Danny Myers in general, but if there's one thing I wont do it's line up for 20-30 minutes for food. I would stare in disbelief at the 45 minute lines in Madison Square Park (the lines on the UWS are shorter but still hefty at times) and wonder if it were possible that a humble hamburger could possibly be worth it. I mean, it's right there, in the palm of my hand…. I wanted it to be; I needed it to be!

                  So, the other night I come home late and hungry, and see no line at Shake Shack. This is it! Tonight's the night, this is gonna be……..oh, really disappointing :-(

                  I ordered the basic Shack burger; specialty of the house, right? The best thing they've got. I didn't eat in, but I live literally 50 paces away, so the trip home can hardly be blamed for the incredibly soggy bun surrounding the ok burger with the McDonald's-like special sauce, accompanied by the barely warm fries. Now, none of this is surprising in a fast food joint, and the price is fine, but I guess I'd bought into the mystique and was hoping for something sublime. The fries have the potential to be very good, and I know others have said that if you wait for a fresh batch they'll be nice and hot, but really, I should't have to, should I? The burger itself is entirely average. If there's anything "proprietary" about the blend of meat it isn't apparent in the taste, and if it were it would probably be drowned out by the sauce, which by the way, is just fine, but it's a bit like ordering a screwdriver made with Grey Goose. Can you tell, at that point? (Perhaps it's different it if you get just the hamburger.) And that bun! How on earth did it get so soggy so fast?

                  Am I being too hard on the place? Probably, but I fell for it. You want a burger and fries with special sauce? Go ahead, it'll be ok, but if the lines are long it wont be fast. On the plus side, at least you can get wine or beer with it. At McDonald's it's still BYOB.

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                    In a way I agree with you. It does get soggy very very quickly so I have learned to eat it immediately. The sauce really is nothing special. There is really only point to the whole thing and it is the taste of the rib meat. Taste it more attentively, it will become apparently why most people think it does taste better than average meat. I don't remember the proprietary blend but there is this mineral taste that is only found in rib meat from my experience and it was apparent the last couple times I ate there. But no, I would not wait 30 mins for it. I'd just make some beef ribs myself.

                    1. re: mimolette

                      The meat blend is a 50:25:25 blend of sirloin, chuck, and brisket.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        So then kathryn, you're saying no rib meat in there?

                        1. re: gavspen

                          At least one source in the news has said there's short rib in there, but they're the only ones as far as I can tell.

                          I got my info from A Hamburger Today and Serious Eats.

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                            I read the article - thanks for the link - but it's really hard to figure out why anyone who has this to say......

                            "There's nothing special about the burger—regular squishy bun, a 1/4-pound patty of griddled meat, lettuce, tomato, and sauce...'

                            .......would then spend considerable time trying to recreate it. But that's just me.....lol.

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                              The source for the short rib claim appears to be Josh Ozersky, a serious hamburgerian. Further, he claims that the principal component is brisket. The link you provide to the 50:25:25 sirloin:chuck:brisket claim offers compelling testimony, but a link within it to a discussion of fat content suggests that if the principal component is indeed sirloin, then fat must be added to the blend to give you that well-lubricated glory that's the SS burger. Based on extensive but totally unscientific sampling, I'd put my money on there being a little short rib in there.

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                            Thank you for the correction. I don't know how I can be so far off though, it clearly tasted like the ribs (short and back) I make. Maybe it is the brisket taste? I can't remember the last time I bought brisket to braise.