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May 30, 2010 06:22 PM

Wow!! Best brunch I've had in awhile...68 Greenpoint

I had brunch this morning on that sleepy stretch of Greenpoint Ave below Franklin - the place I think is called '68' and is next door to the bar Coco 66. There were four of us - we all tried different things - blueberry pancakes, eggs sardou, migas, and boudin sausage with spicy cheese grits. Everything was out of control delicious, beyond what I expected. I think my favorite was the boudin dish -- spicy cheese grits -- need I say more?!?! Had little bits of jalapeƱo in it, was smooth and we fought over the last bite. Came with what looked/tasted like shredded raw collards. An excellent contrast for a rich dish. So satisfying.
The pancakes were soft but crispy on the outside, made of magic. My sister in law said they were the best pancakes she ever had. I agree. Real maple syrup.
Hardly anyone was there, strangely. We had a lovely table outdoors. Coffee was great too.
Going back as soon as I can!

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