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House brand Olive oil

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What are some good house brand for olive oils?

I've heard good stuff about Whole Foods 365 EVOO but I'm kind of confused which particular one people are referring to- there's a Whole Foods 365 EVOO made from Italian olives, a Whole Foods 365 EVOO made from Spanish olives, etc..

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  1. I've had them all and they're good everyday oils -- the single-origin ones have the characteristics typical of the olives of the region, which I can't remember off the top of my head. Their plain EVOO is in my cupboard right now, and has a good rich olive taste and suffices just fine for cooking. Not something I'd necessarily use in a more olive-oil-focused application but it suits all my olive oil needs! :)

    1. Looks like you might be in LA - if you are, try http://www.guidimarcello.com/ - they have a fairly cheap standard olive oil (not technically a house brand) that is good for the price. If you ask them, they'll know which one you're talking about.