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May 30, 2010 05:23 PM

How long will Boscoli's muffaletta salad stay good in a sealed jar?

So every time I go in any grocery store where I live (Maryland) I check for a host of Louisiana products, but particularly for olive salad. The closest I've come are some really awful versions and a jar of Boscoli's pickled green beans. Today we was in Philly, perusing the Italian Market neighborhood, and decided to check a little Italian grocery store for the good stuff. Hopes weren't high (Italian groceries in Baltimore have never heard of the stuff!) but lo and behold there on a shelf... A whole selection of 32 oz jars of Boscoli Olive Salad! We grabbed 4 of the 5 jars and were going to buy two each. After my wife paid for her 2 jars the guy started to ring mine up... That's when he noticed that they were out of date. The jar said to use by 02/08/10 and that they were made on 02/08/08. But they're sealed! So he said he wasn't sure what to do and there was this whole song and dance where we said that we would just take the two we already paid for and do a little research to see if it would still be good. But on our way out of the store he stopped us and said that since they were going to have to throw them away anyway we could just take the other three jars!

So we now have 5 32 oz sealed jars of Boscoli Olive Salad and we don't know if we can eat them! We're going to call Boscoli after the holiday but we thought you guys might have some thoughts...

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  1. I have some "expired" jars and haven't grown horns from eating from them. I can't tell you for certain how long they stay good for, but I can tell you an opened jar doesn't last long in this house. I use it in salads, on sandwiches and even in spaghetti sauce.

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      Yeah we usually bring a small jar home and a couple of homemade pizzas later it's gonna. But the prospect of having 5 big jars and taking sandwiches to work has me salivating. I hope they're good!

    2. Anyone else wanna weigh in on this? Cuz otherwise I'm eating some tomorrow... And if I don't report back to say how it was you'll only have yourselves to blame!

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        You'll be fine, but it's been nice reading your posts just in case. lol

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          I wouldn't hesitate to eat it. My line of thinking would be that it's cured, right? It'll last a long time. As long as it doesn't smell rancid, I'd have at it. Good luck.

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            The good news is, tasting it won't kill ya, even if it's past its prime.

            ; )

            Eventually, olive salad (or any food packed in oil) will go rancid. This actually happened to me with a jar of olive salad from Central Grocery. I polished off three quarts in as many weeks, but let the fourth quart languish at the back of the refrigerator for a several months. By the time I got to it, the oil was past the point of no return, and the olive salad inedible. I nearly wept.

            Good luck! If the Boscoli's is still good, do refrigerate it after opening.

          2. Well, those of you who have seen me post in other threads know that I'm not dead... yet. I actually called Boscoli and they said that as long as it's still full of oil and doesn't smell bad it should be fine, so I've been eating away. fake muffaletta sandwiches, pizzas, calzones, etc... I decided to put all the jars in the fridge to slow down whatever aging process they're undergoing. Here's a pic of what any good fridge should look like...

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              A fridge full of Olive Salad and booze! Your my hero ;)