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May 30, 2010 03:54 PM

Dinner at Mundo - A Culinary Haute Spot -

We decided to give Mundo a try on a recent week night. My family, parents and some friends all got together to try the upscale cuisine we had read about. We arrived early (about 5:30) and there were very few other diners in the restaurant. As we had a large party they seated us at a long table along the West wall. The wall was covered with mirrors in a variety of sizes and styles. The table had butcher paper on top of the table cloth. The butcher paper was a hassle for everyone whenever they needed to use their napkins. Additionally, the paper on the tables in the entry way was blown around whenever the door was opened. (Suggest not using the paper!) After being seated our waiter came over (after a lengthy delay) and took our drink and dinner order. We ordered everything at once because we had a couple of younger, albeit very well behaved, children dining with us. Mundo didn’t have two of their specialty beers requiring one of our friends to go with her “third” choice. There was a really long wait between the service for beer and soda and that of the margaritas. In fact, the margaritas arrived around the same time as our appetizers and salads. On the plus side the margaritas were very good.

I started with a Dinner Chopped Salad ($8) which combined poblano pepper, radish, cucumber, apple, pumpkin seeds, raisins, red onion and tomato with a chipotle molasses dressing. The salad was very good! We also tried the Crisp Calamari ($12) which was perfectly cooked and paired nicely with the cilantro dipping sauce. The Chicken Tortilla Soup ($7) was not your traditional preparation as it had a roasted tomato and toasted chile base. The folks who had the soup said it was very good.

We had a wide variety of entrées starting with Short Rib Enchilada’s ($18). They were prepared with roasted tomatoes and a jalapeno garlic sauce and were “pretty good”. The Filet of Beef Chile Relleno ($22) was interesting in that the chile had no breading whatsoever – a plus in my book! However, the roasted chile sauce it was served with had a very strong charred flavor which masked most of the delicate flavors of the chile itself. Two diners had the Kurobuta Pork Filet ($26) which was prepared with ancho chile mango glaze and had some finely diced mango served on top of the 3 medallions. The side was a sweet corn tamale. This was arguably the best entrée of the evening with both pork tenderloin dishes prepared to requested temperature and the tamale presented in the corn husk with kernels of sweet corn throughout the masa. Everyone who tried this dish thought it was great. I order the Carnitas ($24) and found it be OK. The pork itself was similar to what I have had in other restaurants, but for less than half the price. The redeeming features for this dish were the sides – avocado pico de gallo, red onion and cilantro, a habanero-cucumber-tomato salad and pickled onions. The habanero cucumber salad was delicious with slices of fresh habanero pepper throughout. It is a very spicy side, but one that I enjoyed. My wife ordered the Sweet Chipotle Glazed Shrimp Tamale ($24) and found it to be very good although not exactly what she had pictured. The shrimp were served on top of the tamale and had red chile brandy sauce poured over them. The shrimp were cooked perfectly. The last entrée ordered was Garden Enchiladas ($14). The vegetables included eggplant, spinach and squash. The dish was served with roasted tomato and jalapeno sauce and had melted cheese on top. It was a very tasty dish with the eggplant being the dominant vegetable.

Overall the meal was very good with some interesting sides and preparation techniques, however, the consensus opinion was the price point was a bit high for the food and service was downright poor. Despite the very sparse crowd, service was noticeably slow from taking our initial order through paying for the meal. The music was quite loud preventing the entire table from participating in one conversation.

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  1. I used to live in LV and go back frequently where is this restaurant located if you do not mind me asking. Thanks

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      It is located at 495 S., Suite 116A, Grand Central Pkwy inside the World Market Center- Las Vegas Furniture Show. It is on the ground level of the East side building. The World Market Center is just East of I-15, north of Charleston.

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        Mundo participates in the program.

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        We also visited Mundo on our recently concluded vacation. Here are my comments excerpted from my trip report:

        This Mexican restaurant is very upscale though I think the interior decorator may have pulled a fast one on the owners. Our server, Jose Luis, was exceptionally informative and assisted us as we worked through the menu. We started off with complimentary tortilla chips and 3 excellent dips. Ann chose the avocado leaf crusted sea scallops with poblano and corn rice, mango relish and salsa verde. I selected the tamarind ancho chile glazed pork tenderloin served with a mango relish and Mexican risotto (double cream, poblano and corn). The tenderloin took 20 minutes to prepare so be forewarned. We both agreed that this was our best dining experience in a very long time.

        1. re: westie

          You fared better than we did, Westie, but I'd certainly give it a shot again. My one meal at Mundo was up and down.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Dave - what were the ups and the downs of your meal?

            1. re: westie

              Glad to see you enjoyed Mundo. We haven't made it back yet, but based on your review it sounds as though they have worked out the sevice challenges, so we will give it another shot.

              1. re: westie

                Embarrassing, Westie, but I can't remember a thing. I think this is more of a reflection of the state of my gray matter than of the quality of the food.

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                  We had a lunch at Mundo in mid-December after visiting the nearby (walkable) Las Vegas Premium Outlets. The restaurant was very busy on this particular Friday afternoon so it was fortunate that we had made opentable reservations. We received a bowl of taco chips plus 3 excellent housemade salsas. We both ordered the jalapeño chile spiced chicken enchiladas with roasted tomatillo sauce, salsa asada, melted chihuahua cheese and crema fresca. Everything was very good including the service until our waiter was reassigned to duties at the bar.