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May 30, 2010 03:15 PM

State College Area

Hey Hounds

We'll be travelling through central PA in about a month and somewhere near State College it will be lunch time. We'll be coming down I - 80, cutting down US 322 & 220 to I - 99.

Somewhere in there we'd like to eat lunch without heading into town. I will preface that by saying that something in town that's not to be missed would work too. I've seen Todd Blackledge do his Taste of the Town from a couple places.

We have plenty of fine dining and ethnic stuff up here but I understand that it's very much a (Austrian/German?) area. So a great place like that might be good since it's essentially local fare.

Mrs. Sippi and I like to eat where and what the locals eat.

I also blog on the interesting places that we eat at so something blogworthy would be great.


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  1. Faccia Luna is in town and does excellent wood-fired pizza, homemade pastas, and sandwiches. They recently opened another location called Luna 2, it is at the intersection of routes 26 and 150 very near the Nittany Mall, which would be easy access from I-99. They have a limited menu compared to the original restaurant, but ideal for lunch.

    Take I-99 exit to Dale Summit/Shiloh Road, turn right from Shiloh Road to PA Route 150 a/k/a Benner Pike. Luna 2 is on the right, three traffic lights, at the Y intersection with PA Route 26.

    All other worthwhile options would involve driving into town.

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    1. re: Dan D

      What would you suggest in town??


      1. re: Davwud

        Faccia Luna. I stll dream of the pizza there.

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          Faccia Luna is good, Herwig's on College Avenue is Austrian and pretty good if you like that kind of cuisine. The Autoport on South Atherton Street is a good example of local tradition with decent food, some local ingredients. Cozy Thai Bistro on Allen Street is decent, but not exceptional, Thai. The Allen Street Grille or the Corner Room at College Ave and Allen St will give you that college town experience, though the food is nothing really special.

          Cozy Thai Bistro
          454 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801

          1. re: Davwud

            It's really too bad that the only resto in town worth a stop, Chopstick Express, doesn't serve the goodies at lunch time.

            Herwig's is heavy heavy heavy food. Be prepared. And by that I mean take immodium.

            Cozy Thai is neither, really, and the last pizza I had from FL was soggy. Meh.

            I hear there's some decent Italian or Mediterranean in Altoona, but I don't know the name or whether this is reliable information.

            Or you could stop at Clem's BBQ shack between SC and Port Matilda. Not bad.

            Chopstick Express
            134 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801

            1. re: linguafood

              That's harsh, and not necessarily representative. Chopstick Express is okay in the PM, but hardly exceptional, and not a great lunch option.

              There are no decent places to eat in Altoona, Clem's moved more than a year ago, now south of Tyrone. The OP should not be mislead by these suggestions.

              Chopstick Express
              134 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801

              1. re: Dan D

                Well, we're all entitled to our opinions, and those are mine. Maybe outstanding Sichuan cooking worthy of any Chinatown in a larger city is not to your liking. I am part of a group that goes there on a weekly basis, and the place has yet to disappoint - which I can't say for any other place in SC, including Zola's & the other usual suspects.

                That said, I've only been to Cozy Thai once, finding not a single appetizer that WASN'T deep-fried, or any spicy food for that matter, regardless of my insisting to make it spicy. Maybe the new location at least lives up to the 'cozy' part of the name.

                I'm still trying to figure out the 'harsh' part. Oh, right. The soggy pizza. Well, I guess it's hit or miss with Faccia.

        2. Schnitzel's Tavern is pretty awesome if you like German food. It's in Bellefonte though, so it's not exactly in State College. Great food though last time I was there, but that was a bit ago.
          Faccia Luna rocks and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :) The wood-fired pizza is so tasty.
          Cozy Thai is also really good. Was there a month or so ago and the prices are very good and everyone in my party was very pleased.
          The Deli has a great selection of sandwiches and the beer selection was always pretty good.

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            Yes, Schnitzel's Tavern must've been quite a while. It burned down a few years ago.

          2. The original comment has been removed