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May 30, 2010 02:41 PM

Lighting a Gas Grill

The electronic ignition on my Webber Genesis is kaput and the minimal instructions for fixing it I found on their web page aren't particularly thorough or helpful. I need to use the grill tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the eletronic ignition can be by passed in order to get it started. My question is, what's the safest way to do it? Thx.

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  1. Long fireplace matches.

    1. jfood has used the long butane filled candle lighter. Light the lighter place along the front inside of the grill and then turn the gas on. Please do not do this in reverse.

      BTW - jfood has replaced 4 igniters in his life and the directions are a little vague but just keep telling yourself others have done it and keep going.

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        Yep. There's a small (3/4" diameter?) hole on the front of the firebox. Insert a match / lighter / other ignition source, turn on the gas to the front burner, and wait for ignition. The middle burner will ignite off the front one, and the back burner will ignite off the middle one.

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          Mine go left to right (or right to left!) but the same theory.

      2. Thank you all. I have one of those butane candle lighters, so it's flick the switch on that, put it through the hole in the front of the unit and then turn on the gas. I wondered which I should do first...lighter or turn on the gas :-) I have no desire to injure myself on a holiday

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          See jfood's note above. Lighter first, gas next.

        2. The grill lit beautifully and I'm in one piece ;-)

          Did the Roadside Chicken recipe from Rick Bayles and it was a hit. Thanks again

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            Glad you and the food came out on the other side beautifully. I have the same issue with my grill and use this lighter. It is butane refillable, and a real eye-catcher as well. Get lots of comments; I keep one in my den near some candles.


          2. A long butane lighter (Aim 'n Flame) works well for me. Make sure the lighter is lit before cranking the gas.

            But you should try to address replacing the electronic ignition. First off, it is just way safer and more convenient than matches and lighters.

            Ultimately you will need to regularly tear down and overhaul your gas grill. Things get worn out -- chemically and thermally, the inside of a grill is a pretty intense environment. Obviously, better grills will hold up better, but you still need to do a tear down to clean things up.

            So study the owners manual and learn now. It really isn't that hard. My guess is that the instructions that come with the replacement igniter will be a little clearer.

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            1. re: MikeB3542

              On my Weber Silver the replacement is very easy to do. No engineering degree needed

              1. re: scubadoo97

                If all else fails, use the igniter for a spud gun!