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May 30, 2010 02:38 PM

Pazzo's Red Bank

Just noticed that a new place will be opening on West Front Street. I only see a Facebook page. Does anyone know opening date or menu?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. will be opening june 29th 2010

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      1. The wife and I went last night and were disappointed. Very large operation which cost a bundle as they spared no expense on opening this new Red Bank establishment. We sat at the bar which was very busy and noisy but nothing compared to the dining room noise. All hard surfaces and nothing to absorb the sound style of space and dining.

        As far as the food we shared the shrimp al forno which was fine but her waygu burger was dry and not very good tasting and my linguine alle vongole OK but nothing special. The pricing including drinks was typical for a place of this type in Red Bank.

        The place was packed with many patrons checking out this new Italian space for the first time. Unfortunately, for us it's just another run of the mill Italian eatery at the Jersey shore.

        1. Given the crazy parking meters with the ever changing time allotment all over RB, it's refreshing to dine at a RB restaurant that offers free parking; Pazzo is fortunate to have a large parking garage literally a few feet from it's doors but unfortunately that's not enough to make up for the inconsistencies we experienced our first visit. Five of us headed over around 1:30; the place had a few folks at the bar and two tables filled besides ourselves. The noise level was elevated due to the number of Pazzo employees talking and the background music. When we first arrived, we couldn't hear ourselves talking across our table. The waitress noticed and turned down the music.

          Okay onto the grub! I don't know if it's ongoing but that day, the lunch menu included a separate "build your own big salad" menu for $14.00 pp. This reconstruct concept meant you picked your lettuce and dressing choice and up to 10 listed add-ins. You could "upgrade" the salad with grilled chicken for $4.00 more or grilled shrimp for $6.00 more. We ordered two salads with both upgrades and a nice variety of add-ins to share amongst five; it was certainly doable but the three med. sized shrimp were just okay and the grilled chicken way too dry. This deconstruct rec's a B- . A small well prepared house salad for 1/3 the price would have worked beautifully.

          Our table shared a hot shrimp cocktail which was served in a spicy tomato sauce; lovely...and a platter of fried calamari and baby octopus which came with a spicy tomato sauce; also fresh & good.

          Of course we had to try the brick oven pizza so we selected the potato, onion, cheese. Turned out to be more of a focaccia style crust which arrives square cut to nine appetizer sized pieces. Pretty good but took forever to arrive at our table.

          Entrees; very inconsistent. The chicken parm panini was incredibly dry and was served with french fries and some greens. Mussels and spaghetti; fresh and the best of all the items we ordered. Tri bean salad tasty but a small portion given the entree price.

          For the money, I think Pazzo needs to rethink and tweak a number of items. Every dish with chicken had a too dry issue. I wouldn't call Pazzo an Italian restaurant but perhaps Italian inspired. The location and interior are very nice; the food needs to measure up.

          1. Finally made it to Pazzo’s this Saturday, we arrived at 6:15PM and decided to sit at the bar. We could have been seated only 5-6 tables were occupied. At the bar, there were four couples. We were promptly greeted and ordered two glass of wine and perused the menu. It is essentially a hybridize Italian-American restaurant menu. The bartenders had to read the 3 daily special items from a yellow notepad. We ordered the scallop appetizer that were cooked to perfection and very tasty (Chef Ramsey would have been proud ; )) . For entrees, we ordered the Funghi Pizza and Linguini Frutti Di Mare. Both were very tasty and cooked well. I was surprised that I did not receive any bread with the pasta dish. We ordered another round and all was proceeding well. The bar and dinning room started to get crowded and then we became invisible, not being acknowledged for over 20 minutes. It did not bother us because we were watching all the people being full of themselves attempting to impress each other – YCMTSU what we were observing. We were going to have another round but being invisible we could not get attention on any bartender – this is when we saw one of the male bartender continually rubbing his nose, sneeze and put his hand in the drink garnishes. This really disturbed me so we decide to get the check. As we were leaving, Pazzo’s was fully packed with 4-5 groups waiting. We got our free parking ticket validated by hostess and laugh the way home.

            The décor is nice but the place is overly loud. In the beginning we could hear all the clanging and clatter from the kitchen and as the place became fuller patrons needed to talk louder. They need to install some form of noise dampening. I also thought the bar could have been designed better – it is extremely difficult for the shorter bartender to reach the patron.

            Overall, it was slightly expensive ($96 before tip). We however will probably be back to people watch.

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              4 glasses of wine, appys and entrees at $100 before tip, lousy service and you consider going back? Maybe if you sit at the bar, drink seltzer and people watch. Then again, staying home, ordering pizza delivery and watching reruns of Jersey Shore might be a more reasonable alternative...

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                Service was good until they got busy. They had only one experience bartender in my opinion (the lone female). We had some good glass of wine ($13/ glass). Love Jersey Shore - it was like watching an episode of the "aged" Jersey shore of BENNYS moving south after making their due in the world financial center or their ego thought they made it. We will probable go for cocktails for the laughs.

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                  "all the people being full of themselves attempting to impress each other – YCMTSU what we were observing"

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                    Hi Tay, if your wondering what YCMTSU means, I believe it is "You can't make this stuff up" but stickman731 can answer to be sure.

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                      Correct. (Thanks be to Google!) The word "stuff" is actually a polite variation of the epithet generally used.

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                        i don't know, I tend to go out to eat....

                      2. re: tom246

                        Tom and Mark: Thank you for enlightening me. I just figured it was stickman, 'being full of himself whille attemptimg to impress us'.