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May 30, 2010 01:44 PM

Kathmandu - Himalayan cuisine in Asheville

While this is the 3rd restaurant we've seen in this space (Left Bank & then Sugo and now Kathmandu) Kathmandu may end up being the most successful.
I have mixed feelings about this place. I think the food was good but not terrific...some was just too highly seasoned , but when I commented on this the server immediately took it away and they returned with another plate that was better. The portions were ok, neither too big or too small but some seemed a tad expensive for the size. A lamb chop plate featured 4 lollipop cut lamb chops with not a whole lot of meat but a huge mound of vegetables for $24. Most other entrees were in the $13-16 range and seemed small as well. Flavors were generally good and everything was quite fresh.
Service was stellar and very attentive. The room is very, very noisy - at least if you are sitting in the middle as we were. Maybe request a table towards the front or back if you want a more quiet, intimate dinner.
I'd like to try their lunch buffet and see how that is. The dinner menu was quite large - almost too big. I'm not a fan of too many options, that always seems to spell disaster for a restaurant.
We went on a Saturday nite and the place was almost completely full. For 3 with a mix of entrees and some wine about $70(not including tip)

90 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC

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  1. We tried the lunch buffet a few weeks ago and enjoyed everything we tried. The place was packed and I hope that the trend continues as it will certainly be one of our regular stops once we move to the Asheville area next year.

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      We also enjoyed the lunch buffet on Sunday. At just after noon, one elderly couple was leaving and those were the only other people we saw the entire time we were there. I hope more people catch on to this place because I do think it is worth a visit, at least for lunch. The buffet had a nice selection of mostly vegetarian dishes - my favorites included a pea and mushroom mix, potatoes and spinach hinted with lemon, and a chana masala-ish chickpea dish that was really, really good. Their naan and rice were excellent too. It is all-you-can-eat for $8.99 and my husband and I both went back for a second plate. The cuisine is reminiscent of Indian, but the flavors are slightly different and there weren't as many cream-based offerings on the buffet like there are at Mela and India Garden (two other buffets we enjoy), which was nice. Our server was very nice.

      I don't know if they will make it (like I said, we were the only people there during the lunch hour) but it is worth a try if you like Indian food or ethnic flavors. I can't see myself going back for dinner and paying $25 for an entree, but we'll definitely go back for lunch.