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May 30, 2010 01:05 PM

Only one early London Lunch for Traditional-ish British Fare

I have not been to England (save for change in Heathrow) for about twenty years, back when Wimpy's Burgers, Pizzaland and funny tasting oil used to fry the fish and chips reigned supreme and the only decent grub was Indian.

I am looking to make a new and tastier memory, and I am going to be in London for one early lunch on a stopover (coming in late the night before). I would like to have one traditional English style lunch, with something like shephard's pie, roast beef or fish, something along these lines, relatively simple and well prepared (not wanting too fussy or fancy).

I was thinking about Boxwood, but see it is closed. Is Narrows or Wellington any good? I am not wed to the idea of a Ramsay venue, although it would be fine, but would like to have a nice well prepared and tasty lunch hopefully somewhat near an underground so we can hop back on it after to catch a flight.

I know Heathrow has nice oyster bar, good stuff but I would like to eat in London.

Many thanks for any assistance

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  1. no question about it.

    launceston place restaurant it is.

    set in one of londons prettiest n'hoods, a three course lunch will set you back 20 quid a head. add vegetables of the day (you should) and its 25 quid a head.

    i can't think of a better place to show off the excellence of (modern) british cooking and the neighborhood is a huge plus. this must be one of the highest value to quality restaurants in london.

    google it - the menu is on line. if your lucky, they'll have roast beef with yorkshire pud etc.

    1. I am not disagreeing with howler - Launceston Place is a great choice, but there are others as well. Great Queen St. on the street of the same name, oddly enough, does very good, modern British food - close to Covent Garden area.

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        aaah, but you don't get that sublime n'hood .... (grin)

        full disclosure: i live down the road.

        1. re: howler

          Very true... and lucky you is well situated for very good eating without a long journey. As an aside, I saw the other day that Pearl has a good lunchtime offer going throughout most of June. I've often wanted to try that place.

      2. If the distance isn't a factor, the Bull & Last in Highgate is outstanding.

        1. If a traditional English meal is what you are looking for, go to Simpson's in the Strand. The room is as traditional English as you can get, enormously high ceilings, enormous fireplace, mahogany paneling, etc. The roast beef, roast lamb and pies are very good. The wine list is good. And you can linger for as long as you like. Unfortunately, the prices are not low. Great Queen Street is good, but the food in my opinion does not equal Simpsons. Also, the last few times we went, they rushed us out saying they needed the table. You might also try Roast. Its in Borough Market and you eat looking down on the market, which is nice even when the market is closed. The quality of the food is good and they have a lot of English wines. I would suggest you check out the menus for Roast and Simpson's online. GQS doesn't have an online menu.

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            Check out Rules for ultra-trad but ultra-good, and the Harwood Arms for outstanding, Michelin-starred gastropub fare. The venison scotch egg might become a new memory!