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May 30, 2010 12:59 PM

Tonight! Need Tampa restaurant rec for big group!

Hi everyone, this is last minute, but I am hoping that I can get some good recommendations. I have a big group (10+) and this is their last night in Tampa (their first trip ever to this area!) I used to live here, so I know the area, but not what's good any more.

I want good food but in the mid-range price (I'm paying for all of it.)

We'd probably prefer Asian cuisine, but I'd be open to any cuisine, actually. Please help!

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Hi,

    For Asian, there are 2 great Chinese restaurants off of Armenia Ave. One is the Yummy House and the other is China Yuan. They both can get very packed so call and make sure there is room. You can do a search on this web site to find out more about them, lots of info. Both are the type where half the people eating there are Chinese, not your typical Americanized Chinese food if you know what I mean.

    I prefer China Yuan myself simply because I can find a parking spot and a table most of the time, but they both are the best in the city.

    China Yuan
    8502 N Armenia Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

    Yummy House
    2202 W Waters Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

    1. I know this post has been OBE, but I thought I'd add that Yummy House has been very difficult to get into on weekends of late. Without a reservation, you will need patience enough to wait outside for some time. And the last few times I tried to make a reservation for a Saturday, I had to call on the preceding Wednesday; Thursday and Friday were too late, they were all booked up! And, adding insult to injury, the last couple of times we tried to get takeout on a Saturday or a Sunday, we were denied: "sorry, we can't do takeout tonight, too busy." YH is my fave of the two, CY is great, too, but I think at least YH is for sure a bad choice for a large group on a weekend and on the spur of the moment. (Glad they're successful, but darn it, too!)

      Yummy House
      2202 W Waters Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

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        tampa bay brewing co would fit. great food easily deal with a crowd