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May 30, 2010 12:13 PM

What is this utensil?

What is this? It was found in my father-in-law's kitchen. Thanks.

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  1. This brings back a vague memory from my childhood in the 50's. If I'm recalling correctly, it's a tool to make drop cookies. You squeeze the handle together, scoop up some dough, and then release the handle to push the dough off onto the cookie sheet.

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    1. re: jjw

      Oh gosh I have one of those. It was my mother's. I really don't know what it's used for but something tells me it wasn't used as you describe. Maybe for slicing hard boiled eggs? I have to have a think on this...

        1. re: jjw

          A little online research confirms the accuracy of your memory! Here's a "cookie dropper" from an online vendor:

          And here's the patent application (with helpful drawings) for one version:

          There's also a newer type that looks like this:

          Apparently people have been dropping cookies with these things for decades. Who (besides them) knew?!

          1. re: Miss Priss

            miss priss wins the contest! ;-).

            ps. have all of you noticed that whenever you go to amazon, there is always "only one" left of the product -- whatever it is!?

            1. re: Miss Priss

              The only thing that made me think it wasn't was how does one drop a round looking piece of dough to make a round cookie from that thing?

              1. re: monku

                i do you control portion size?

              2. re: Miss Priss

                Miss Priss -- Bravo!! Bravo!! Thank you for your detailed research...and now I know!

                  1. re: Miss Priss

                    I don't know how much they've actually been used, it's not like useless kitchen gadgets ever go out of style. ;) My mother had one of these (back in the 70s) and it really didn't work very well at all.

                  2. re: jjw

                    jjw - Thanks so much! Mystery solved!

                    1. re: jjw

                      Just want you to know. I were the first to agree with you. I believe in you. :P

                    2. i'm thinking about the answer. egg slicer doesn't seem correct.

                      in the meantime, i'll sip on my gin and "titonic."

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                        1. re: roxlet

                          It does look like it's for scooping and then pushing off the scoop as apposed to chopping because there is a stop. Take it to the Swimming with sharks TV show! I you figure it out.

                          1. re: cajundave

                            strange shape to "scoop," though.

                            1. re: cajundave

                              I was thinking of something along that line.
                              Maybe scraping home made chocolates off a sheet pan and transferring them onto a serving dish so you don't get fingerprints on them?

                              This is driving me crazy and I got to know what it is.

                              1. re: monku

                                To me, it looks like a spatula and you lift the burgers or pancakes or whatever out of the pan, and squeeze the handle to push them onto the bun or a plate.