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May 30, 2010 12:03 PM

Limu Kohu?

Now that Tropic has gone commercial only, and Haili's has moved and changed so much, I can't find limu kohu for sale. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good question for an ex-pat like me. We go back home to Oahu at least once or twice a year to visit and to bring stuff back. Normally, we stop off at Haile's before we leave and buy all of the things we can't get here on the mainland like limu kohu and inamona (kukui nut). Last November we visited the new Haile's in Kapahulu and noticed that prices were higher and many items were not yet available because they were just settling in. For me, it was just not the same as it was at the old Ala Moana location near the Ward Warehouse. I know Tamashiro's in Kalihi has what I need and probably the only other place that I am aware of who has those things. Another possible source would be in Chinatown? I'm anxious to hear of other suggestions?

    Ward Warehouse
    Buffet 100, Kakaako, HI 96814

    1. I always see limu at Marukai Market-Ward Warehouse every time I visit from NYC! Its in the area right in front of where they sell the poke and sashimi.

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        Haven't been to to the Ala Moana Marukai in a long while ever since they were remodeling. Is it just the plain ogo limu or limu kohu in little balls? The Marukai here in Gardena has ogo flown in from Hawaii every Friday. I'm more interested in limu kohu and/or roasted kukui nut since we can't get them here on the mainland.

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            Thanks, that's what I figured. Limu kohu is considered a specialty item even in Hawaii. Only a few places sell it and when they do, it's quite expensive. A small rolled up ball will cost between $6 - $9 depending on availability and size. Ogo limu which used to be quite abundant growing on Sand Island and Ewa Beach, is now farm raised and even shipped to the mainland.

      2. A friend found some ... in Kona. KTA

        1. limu kohu - $40 (nanakuli)

          Date: 2011-04-05, 11:30AM HST
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