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Stinging Nettles in Toronto

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Has anyone seen these sold anywhere? Is there a season? tx

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  1. Nettle tea should be available in the specialty tea stores or spice and herb shops.
    The season for gathering your own will be July and August, and it looks like a banner year for weed-like plants.
    Richters has plants, leaves and seeds http://www.richters.com/Web_store/web...

    1. On Saturdays, at St Lawrence (North pavillion) market there is a woman (I believe her name is Linda) who sells dried and fresh herbs.

      1. I was at the Evergreen market in the brickworks yesterday and there was a farm from King (www.kindorganics.ca ?) that had them.

        1. Vivkie's Veggies from Prince Edward County has had then most Saturday's at the Wychwood Farmer's Market for several weeks now.

          Once the plant sets flowers the leaves develop cystoliths which can irritate the urinary tract, even though the plant is available throughout summer I wouldn't bother after late spring to avoid plants that have set flower. Hence I think this year;s season is getting close to over.

          1. Usually you eat the new young shoots in the spring.

            1. Hi,

              I just returned from a trip to New York where I had the pleasure of dining at Eleven Madison Park. IMHO, the best tasting of the 15 courses was a course featuring nettles and fingerling potatoes.

              Can anyone update this thread and advise if there are places to get nettles in Toronto. I take it from the thread below that this would be the right season for them.


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                I have not seen them at the markets quite yet but they may be there this weekend. We had a few volunteer plants pop up in our garden this spring and they are still a little small to harvest quite yet so it may be another week, it's a late spring this year.

              2. just look in someone's backyard. they grow as weeds everywhere