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May 30, 2010 10:06 AM

Mo's in Burbank closed?

Drove by Mo's early last night. It was shuttered and dark. Does anyone know if it's closed or just remodeling?

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  1. My wife called there yesterday to make reservations. They are just doing some remodeling. Should be back open during the week.

      1. When to mo's last night 6/5/15 and its not being remodeled its closed.Don't remember exactly what the sign outside said but it was a for sale or for lease sign.last time we went to mo's for dinner it was over a month ago and we didn't notice the change but apparently the name changed from mo's to the continental.also noticed the menu had changed and no more burger menu at least for dinner.everything was more expensive and service was horrible.took almost an hour to get our food.To bad,the old mo's was great.

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          The old Mo's was very good, yet had trouble attracting a dinner business.
          The Continental was an attempt at an upscale menu, but that did not draw an audience either.
          frankyj is correct: Wanna buy a restaurant with very good parking and developable land?
          Jay will be glad to sell it to you.